Short History of Western Medicine


 By Beatrijs M. C. H. Penn

When one understands the history about certain phenomena, issues that play out today in 2020 make more sense, and new choices can be made to move forward and take personal responsibility for one’s health and freedoms. This article will show you why natural healing measures for Covid-19, Cancer and (almost all) other diseases have been suppressed and devaluated. Western Medicine, which is under the dictatorship of Big Pharma tries to eliminate Natural Medicine and Natural Healing. All over the world natural healing methods were used for many thousands of years to heal in accordance with natural (biological) laws and the human race did not become extinct, it even evolved.

Western medicine is very young, maybe about 120 years old.

In Western Medicine there is a universal belief that germs and viruses are the cause of diseases, but this is factually not true.


In France and Germany before 1900 there were many controversial debates between Antoine Béchamps (1816- 1908), Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) and Robert Koch (1843-1910).

Béchamps and Pasteur were scientists in France. Antoine Béchamps was actually the professor of Pasteur and a creative and original investigator and innovative scientist. At that time Béchamps found under a simple microscope that living healthy cells can change in unhealthy cells, bacteria, viruses, fungi and in cancer cells when a body is mal-nourished, suffers from deficiencies, is toxic and is acidic because of many inflammations. When taken care of detoxification, healthy nourishment (doing so influencing the ‘milieu’ of the body) and of a healthy lifestyle regarding nutrition and processing emotions, he saw that the cells changed back = reversed into healthy cells or decided by themselves to die (apoptosis = natural programmed cell death) and were replaced by newly produced healthy cells. You can read about this in more depth in the books by Antoine Béchamps, of which the last one is ‘The Blood and its Third Element’. [1]

Louis Pasteur, after whom the pasteurisation process is named, ‘stole’ some ideas from Béchamps and put forward the idea that germs from the outside of the body are the cause of disease. Author Ethel Hume published her book in 1923, entitled Béchamps or Pasteur? A lost chapter in the History of Biology. In the preface by R.B. Pearson, Pasteur is described as a plagiarist, and an imposter.[2]

In her book entitled The Medical Mafia, the Canadian Doctor Guylaine Lanctôt [3] (1995) explains it thus: “Pasteur who was ambitious, and an opportunist, he also was a genius in the art of promoting himself and he plagiarized and then vulgarized the work of Béchamps. He stole the idea of small organisms being responsible, but he only revealed a small part of Béchamps’ discoveries. He forgot to mention that once exposed to air, germs, and other morbid (abnormal) microzymes lose their virulence very rapidly. And this deceit has been perpetuated ever since.” Pasteur never explained to the people that those small little microzymes are in, around, and coming out of our own body cells, and one can find them in the tissue and debris around a cell, when excreted and/or breathed out they die.

Before this “fight for recognition” in the French medical community all doctors were naturopathic doctors who used herbs and food, and started their healing practises with first cleansing the body (enemas and other measures) and cleansing the blood, as everywhere in Europe and everywhere else in the world. After Louis Pasteur had won this “fight for European medical recognition” not in the least because he had affiliated himself with the extremely wealthy Dr. Robert Koch, Pasteur and Koch worked together to make known in Europe that “medications” were being manufactured to attack the “germs,” like vaccines, penicillin, antibiotics etc. This was the start of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, that clearly lies about the fact that the cause of a flu or other infectious diseases come from the outside and that without pharmaceutical medications (vaccines, antibiotics and the likes) we would be completely helpless. Be aware that Pharmakon is a Greek word, meaning poison. Pasteur and Koch, with their lies, deceits and political contacts, pocketed for themselves the fame and wealth that belonged to Béchamps.

Dr Stephen Lanka, a German virologist, [4][5] and Dr Andrew Kaufmann show (videos on YouTube [6]) that this ‘Western Medicine virus theory’ is not holding water. Clearly the ‘virus theory’ of mainstream medicine is not telling us an accurate narrative. Lanka and Kaufmann are showing us that the name ‘virus’ is a consensus in the science of virology to call a miniscule particle that is cleared out of a cell and can be found in the debris around the cell, ‘a virus’. They also show us that this virus has a natural purpose: the cell needs to clean and rejuvenate itself. When that happens, we can go through a cold or a flu for some days, which is nothing more than a cleansing process.

Even in the Corona crisis of 2020, a horrific fear mongering job is done to tout that deadly viruses come from the outside! If Sars-Cov-2 really is a deadly manmade virus out of a lab of Wuhan, they did a bad job. Look at the fact that 99% of the infected people recover and look at the death rates, which are almost equal with annually flu – death rates. However, when it is true that it is man-made then the intent was evil.

Fact is that this ‘Flu Fairy Tale’ has never been proven to be true, not even now in the Corona virus ‘crisis.’ The Sars-Cov-2 virus has never been isolated and purified so in the ‘corona crisis’ all testing and treating is based on assumptions, which is not scientific. Dr Thomas Cowan, explains it very clearly in his book issued the 29th of September 2020 entitled, The Contagion Myth, Why Viruses Including the Corona-virus Are Not the Cause of Disease.[7]

Just take a look in the history books and read how long it was believed across the entire globe that the Earth is flat…

In certain ‘circles’ these deceiving tactics were known to people who sought power and wanted to suppress other people. Herman Göring (Adolf Hitlers deputy) was well aware of this mechanism to control the masses. He often said: “if you say something loud enough and often enough, and induce fear at the same time, what you say, no matter how ridiculous it is, people will believe you.” The induced fear will make the masses comply to what the dictatorial regime wants to impose upon them.

The Real Cause of Diseases

Dr Joel Robbins, cited by Ron Garner (2006) [8], teaches that two conditions must be present in order for disease, germs to enter into, or develop in, living tissue: first, something besides the germ must have previously weakened the tissue; and second, there must be acidic debris present in the tissue for germs to live on. They cannot exist in a balanced acid/alkaline environment, neither can parasites.

The Reality of Natural Healing

Dr David Jubb explains in his book David Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation, Colloidal Biology: A Symbiosis [9] this vital process on cellular level and shows that Life is self-organizing, which occurs in the body as toxin is cleared out. He explains how he found under the microscope that every virus, bacteria, fungi, or malformed organelles even cancer cells are waste products of our body and have to be eliminated by the immune system (macrophages, leucocytes, T cells etc.). In case the immune system is compromised, as David Jubb and Dr Robbins agree with each other, it cannot do its work, as it is supposed to, and then we create illness, by stocking up toxins in the cells of the body after which cells start to dysfunction and dysfunction of organs follows.

We don’t catch diseases. We create diseases by the way we live.

We don’t catch a cold or a flu. Even eczema does not come from the outside. It is a toxicity crisis, and the skin (our largest detoxification organ) is trying to eliminate the toxins, because the rest of the eliminating systems, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and blood, are all filled up with toxins and are congested. We actually “earn” a disease by fostering toxic waste conditions in our bodies, as a result of our lifestyles.

Being from profession a psychotherapist, I must add here that emotions play an important part too. This is vastly overlooked, because most doctors only focus on the physical body. When people suppress emotions and do not know how to allow themselves and their body to feel, be with, go through and process emotions and deeper feelings that can be caused by and emotional ‘hit’ like a loss, a trauma, natural disasters and so on, we make poison (= toxins) in our bodies, and poison causes diseases. Candace Pert, a scientist in cellular biology, has described this process upon cellular level in her book entitled Molecules of Emotions, Why We Feel the Way We Feel (1997).[10] 

The History of the Chemical Industry including the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I encourage you to explore the website In the book The Hundred Year Lie, how Medicines and Food Undermine Health, by Randall Fitzgerald (2006) [11] you will find the history of how synthetic (= not natural, not biological) materials have been introduced to the world since 1900. These also include plastics, vaccines, chemical ‘medications’, pesticides, fabricated food, GMO food etc. The synthetic toxins in many products in our homes, food and in so called ‘medications’, are the cause of many health problems under which cancer, ADHD, eczema and many other symptoms.

Fitzgerald unmasks many myths and shows also with scientific research results how food and herbs are powerful medicines for any disease, starting with detoxification which is thoroughly cleaning out toxins, eliminating them out of the body in several ways. It is the healing process from the inside out, which is reversing a dis-ease into balance of the body which is called Health (connected on all levels, also Spiritual through the Light that we are and the Light that is in every cell of our body). Taking personal responsibility for one’s health and growing in awareness is very important and can be life saving.   

The most shocking is exposed by G. Edward Griffin in his book entitled World Without Cancer, The Story of Vitamin B17 (2009) [12]. Griffin describes the cartels such as the early history of I. G. Farben the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel and its marriage to DuPont, Standard Oil and Ford (USA) and how they work together since World War II.

When you read Griffin’s book you will come to understand how ‘chemotherapy’ was developed from the same chemical poisons, like Zyclon B and others such as Mustard Gas, which I. G. Farben could no longer sell to Hitler to kill the Jews and the armies of the Allies, after he lost WW II! The cartels schemed together what to do with all those poisons that they had in stock. Bayer was also engaged in this plot and President Nixon was paid by the cartels to declare ‘The War on Cancer’, to raise the fear for cancer, so the profits of the so called ‘chemotherapy’ would sore sky high! The pharmaceutical industry, or Big Pharma, has become a multi-billion industry and is not aiming to heal any patient: a patient is just a renewable source of income until his death. There is no long-term profit to be made from a cured patient. The chapters 13 – 25 reveal the complicated network of how the “pharmaceutical industry” operates and holds the power (dictatorship of “Big Pharma”).

Before 1900 the Rockefeller Group has bought the medical schools of universities in many countries by giving them ‘donations’ and ‘requiring’ in return that they will not educate in natural medicine (USA, Canada and many more, also Holland). I have seen the contract of the University of Leiden, in Holland. Explicitly it states that no naturopathic education is allowed at the University of Leiden. They imposed their pharmaceutical toxic products with bribing doctors, bribing professors and bribing politicians etc. When you read the book by John Virapen (2010) [13], who was years ago one of the top-managers of Eli Lilly, you might be shocked how Big Pharma ‘bribes and buys many doctors.’

In medical schools no longer is taught how a disease develops in the body (etiology), and how one can reverse it, from the inside out unfolding the natural inbuild process to balance the body. In a medical school the medical students get only 1 – 4 hours education on food, simply because biological food cannot be patented and is not a means to make big profits.  

The contemporary medical education is under the dictatorship of the pharmaceutical industry.

The diagnostic books DSM V for doctors and DSM V for psychologists show the physical symptoms and/or behaviors that make for a syndrome listed 1,2,3, etc. then prescribe a certain pharmaceutical product, manufacturer, name, doses.

In the highest taskforces that decide about the changes in the DSM so called diagnostic books sit only professionals who are paid by Big Pharma is revealed in DSM -5 Update Edition by Dozois, D.J.A. (2015).[14] Through out the book of Dozois one can find texts that explain how the DSM updates are developed and that the members of the highest taskforce are known to be paid by the pharmaceutical industry and the decisions of this highest taskforce are secret and never made public.

Big Pharma is all about making big money and it will create more disease to earn more! Unfortunately, medicine has become ‘corporate medicine’ for which the patient is a renewable source to make more money. Their goal is not to cure the patient, it is to make the patient suffer from more illnesses so the pharmaceutical industry can make more money from the patient.

Conventional Medical Care treats symptoms of disease. The current medical thinking is chemistry based. All living things have living chemistry (biological chemistry). Chemical drugs contain no life and are therefore incapable of creating life; in fact, they are often harmful. The truth is: all chemical drugs are toxins and have severe side effects.

After medical school, doctors receive ongoing education about the presumed efficacy of new drugs from pharmaceutical company representatives, whose main objective is to convince doctors to sell their products, with multiple possible harmful side effects.

Today’s medical system, which is about 120 years old, attempts to treat disease with chemicals, surgery, and radiological technologies. It is not health care. It is disease induction.

Last but not least: Drugs and Antibiotics

Symptoms arise because of deficiencies, toxicity, acidity and imbalances within body fluids and cells. It is my personal and professional opinion and my personal experience that only the removal of the causes of disease will bring about true and lasting vibrant health.

Pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured chemicals; they are not natural to the body. The body does not recognize them as food, and cannot digest them, so they become stored in fat cells, and cause more symptoms.

Drugs do not deal with the cause of an illness.

The book Conscious Health by Ron Garner (2006) [8] is a great support for many people to believe in the innate healing power of the body.

Ron Garner states that drugs cause the body to react. It reacts in a protective manner to eliminate the toxic substances.  Drugs work (fast) because the poisons they contain create a stress in the body that is more serious than the symptom for which they were taken. In this process the symptom relieves, and this is erroneously seen as evidence that drugs heal fast. 

Antibiotics, painkillers and other drugs relieve a symptom because they create a greater stress in another area in the body that forces it to divert its attention to the new threat. The body always tries to deal with the most serious problem first.

Antibiotics kill both harmful and friendly bacteria; they do not discriminate. (the word ‘anti’ is Greek meaning against and the word ‘bios’ is Greek meaning life; antibiotic means ‘against life’). The body requires friendly bacteria to maintain a healthy balance in the colon, and to manufacture certain vitamins and antibiotics of its own. Pharmaceutical antibiotics weaken the body, and the initial symptom is made invisible and is suppressed to a deeper layer. The symptomatic condition returns at a later date as the body attempts to heal and correct the basic problem again.

If the drug is too devitalizing the symptom may not return because the body no longer has sufficient energy to mount another healing attempt. That is, the symptom’s cause has been suppressed, but may return later as a more chronic disease. There is no free ticket.

Pharmaceutical drugs send the body down a spiral, increasing in speed—like a whirlpool—toward degenerative disease. Eventually, as the body becomes less capable to defend itself and correct that cause of malfunctions, it succumbs to critical disease. Excerpted from Conscious Health by Ron Garner (2006, pp 82-89).


J.D. Rockefeller destroyed the Medical Schools all over the world, and after he had ordered his friend Mr. Fletcher to make a plan to set up the structure for the Medical Schools (The Fletcher Report) and founded the World Health Organization he got the control over worldwide sickness and death strategies under deceiving terms as so called ‘health policies’, like vaccine mandates and he committed treason to transparent and honest science. Medical science ‘divorced’ from science. And now in the ‘corona-crisis’ Bill Gates follows his footprints in even more deceitful, devastating and sickening ways (The Corbett Report, “Who is Bill Gates?”) [15].

Mainstream medicine is not in the business of healing people back to health. They are in the business of disease maintenance and symptom management. Curing people of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems and so on, would put them out of business. That is not the priority that would increase shareholders’ wealth. Pharmaceutical Companies will hide and alter scientific evidence that could harm them and their shareholders. In clinical trials pharmaceutical companies have virtually total control over these trials, and will do anything to make their drugs appear to be effective. More and more people are speaking out, from the inside of this sick pharmaceutical industry.

I believe it is time to end a century of scientific medical fraud. I encourage you to read Tarnished Gold, The Sickness of Evidence-based Medicine by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts [16] and get more insight in how the Gold Standard of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is manipulated and medical fraud is covered up. EBM cannot be considered scientific or even rational, the authors state. Its megatrials are theoretically incapable of finding the causes of disease, yet swallow up research funds. Ultimately EBM cannot avoid risking a patients’ health, the authors show.

So, what do we need to do? We must “Say good-bye to the Germ Theory” and doing so end a century of medical fraud, states Dr William Trebing (2006) [17].

True Health Care works to correct the causes of diseases. True natural medicine is health care that uses cleansing methods, is based on natural healing methods, organic foods and herbs (free from toxins and not GMO), and has been practised since the beginning of civilization. It is too ‘live’ the Hippocratic Oath to not harm the body!

Beatrijs M. C. H. Penn,
Executive Director of NHF-Canada

Depth Psychotherapist, Jungian Psychotherapist, Past and Present Life Regression Therapist, Trauma Therapist and Holistic Cancer Counsellor.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of NHF or its board.


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