Cancer Diagnoses Drop by Nearly Half During Covid-19


By Beatrijs M. C. H. Penn

It is totally understandable that the number of Cancer Diagnoses dropped during Covid -19 because most of the efforts of the hospitals were directed to the expected masses of Covid -19 patients. There was less testing done for Cancer diagnoses, so consequently the numbers of cancer diagnoses dropped.

Of course, the sources [1,2] state that this does not mean that there would be fewer diagnoses, and stressed that fewer diagnoses did not mean that cancer had equally diminished. Yes, that is their, corporate medicine way of thinking; my perspective is different.

I dare to state that cancer diagnoses will have diminished, as I will lay out in this article, because many people were lucky not to go through the invasive diagnostic screening methods that may cause metastasis, which is iatrogenic damage meaning damage caused by doctors (iatros is Greek for doctor and genic means caused by). Also, many women might have escaped the traumatic fear induction around a false positive outcome of the annually breast X-ray examination, and the damaging examinations after this first X-ray exam after consenting in a biopsy and scans. Women are hardly aware of how much danger they put themselves into in the name of ‘early detection’ for the sake of ‘prevention’, which is clearly a myth, and fear induction because every diagnosed cancer patient guarantees hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits to the cancer industry. Rejoice, patient with a cancer tumor, who during Covid-19, did not have to go through all those invasive diagnostic exams, which are far from safe. And in addition, some scans can also cause dementia and heart problems. You escaped a vicious trap.

When one has developed a cancer tumor, there is a toxicity crisis in the body.

Ever asked an oncologist or radiologist how cancer develops in the body and what the cause of cancer is? They cannot tell you and will utter something like: “that is not known.” And many thousands of patients trust their dear Life in the hands of a specialist who does not know to answer your most important inquisitive question. Incomprehensible to me.

My vision on a cancer tumor, based on my personal life-experience after metastasis cancer (diagnosed in 2001) and my learning curve to deeply understand my natural healing journey (without chemo, without radiation, without surgery), is that cancer tumors are the wisdom of the body to help the Soul stay on earth longer in it’s vehicle, the physical body. The body will do anything to support the Soul’s journey and the Soul’s contract, which is the essential spiritual function of the physical body.

When the liver and other detoxifying organs (skin, intestines, kidneys, lungs) start to dysfunction and cannot detoxify the huge amount of toxins, gathered during many years out of chemical intake and other abuse of the body (like breathing polluted air, eating toxic industrialized food, taking chemical medications, addictions, going against the needs of the body, not knowing how to process emotions and/or to resolve ‘stress’ and so on), the detoxifying organs deteriorate and body functions deteriorate. The accumulated toxins cannot become eliminated out of the body and the ‘suffocating’ cells must mutate in anaerobic cancer cells to survive and form a tumor. These cancer cells can live and grow without oxygen, for many years. The tumor gathers the toxins from the surrounding tissues and by fermentation will provide the person with a little bit of energy.

A tumor is a survival mechanism of the body to support the person live longer. That is the body’s Wisdom.

When the toxins would move freely through the body and were not gathered by the tumor, one would have died much earlier. Think about it!

This is a theory that throughout the world is supported by many naturopathic doctors, like Dr. Cousmine in France, Ayurvedic Vidyas (= doctors) from India and by Dr. Andreas Moritz in the USA [3].

Everybody has a certain capacity to clean up, detoxify naturally. When that capacity is reached, the body needs another solution to survive: a tumor is actually helpful.

Your bucket is full, so to say. CT, CAT scan and PET scan and X-rays even MRI’s will add to the already high amount of existing toxins in one’s body.

The great MRI lie:

In 2017 evidence revealed that the fluid (Glandolinium) that the person has to drink before an MRI scan is extremely toxic, never leaves the body and can cause serious health problems [4].

The medical professionals will tell you that the dye they’re giving you is harmless… and that you’ll just pee it out of your system in a few hours. But a major International Health Organization in Europe has blown the whistle – and they’re warning that MRIs are far more dangerous. It turns out that this MRI agent isn’t leaving your body at all… it’s actually pooling in the tissues of your brain. And this isn’t just dangerous – it could end up killing you.

Computer Tomography— produce a 3-D image of the body by radiation. Radiation from two CT scans could trigger Alzheimer’s, researchers fear.

Radiation from CT or CAT scans could be increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease states Bryan Hubbard in What Doctors Don’t Tell You of November 2016.  Just having two of the medical CT tests in a lifetime starts changing the brain molecules, a research project of 2016 has discovered [5].

A standard dose of ionizing radiation from the CT scan alters the molecules in the hippocampus, and starts to create patterns that are typical in an Alzheimer’s patient, say researchers from the University of Southern Denmark.

People could probably get away with having just one scan, says lead researcher Stefan Kempf, but he’s concerned about the cumulative effects of having several. Even low radiation doses, equivalent to two CT scans, could trigger molecular changes in the brain that cause cognitive dysfunction, a common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers exposed laboratory mice to doses of radiation that were a thousand times smaller than humans receive in a standard CT scan, and yet it altered molecules in their hippocampus.

People are also exposed to ionizing radiation in airplanes, but levels are far lower than those from CT scans.

Radiation exposure from just a few CT scans is enough to cause irreparable damage to your heart.  

This happens in three completely separate but equally devastating ways. First, the radiation slows the production of nitric oxide (NO). Healthy levels of NO are necessary in order to maintain healthy blood circulation. Without enough NO, blood pressure rises and LDL cholesterol oxidizes which can lead to blood clots. Second, CT scan radiation causes major injury to the endothelial cells that line your coronary arteries. Once they’re damaged, those cells age prematurely and then pump reactive oxygen species (ROS) through the body. ROS are the cause of oxidative stress that then damages your DNA. Third, once the DNA is impaired, it loses communication with the rest of the body which can result in a number of horrific deficits that can take years to become evident. And every time you get another CT scan, you’re only getting sicker and sicker.

If you or a loved one are being given excessive CT scans, consult with your doctor immediately and request a substitute scan – like an ultrasound, that doesn’t emit radiation.

Also, CT scans can quadruple the chances of brain cancer.

A study of 2018 [6] has discovered that patients who are exposed to the highest doses of radiation from a CT scan are at the greatest risk, but even a less powerful scan still doubles the risk for a brain tumor.

CT-scans release much higher levels of radiation than a standard X-ray, and this is putting many more people, and especially children, at risk. When researchers looked at the health records of 168,394 children who had had one or more CT scans, they discovered that cancer cases were 1.5 times higher than they had anticipated. They also found a direct correlation between the radiation doses and cases of malign and non-malignant tumors.

Surprisingly, the scans didn’t increase the risk for leukaemia, another illness that is called cancer, known to be caused by radiation exposure.

WARNING:  If you absolutely must get a CT scan, make sure you’re getting the lowest possible dose of radiation (make sure you ask and get this confirmed in writing with the name and signature of the radiologist). The amounts vary greatly between tests, because there is no established limit.


Biopsy, chemo, radiation and surgery

It was common knowledge around 1948 under physicians in Denmark that any harm done to a tumor could cause metastasis cancer, so states Kristine Nolfi, M.D., in her book entitled Raw Food Treatment of Cancer [7]. It was only scientifically proven to be true in a research project of 2012 that damage done to a tumor like is done in biopsy, in surgery, chemo and radiation causes iatrogenic metastasis and how that process is going about physically. I always give the entire articles by Walter Last and Andreas Moritz [8, 9] to clients so they can confront their specialist and question the proposed procedure(s).

This study, published in the January 17, 2012 issue of Cancer Cell, entitled “Study Shows How A Group of Tumor Cells Prevent Cancer Spread.” [10] This paradoxical discovery finds that pericyte cells help prevent metastasis. Bonnie Prescott at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, describes the dire implications of the study in greater detail. 

Caveat: If a patient with a cancer tumor can prevent biopsy and any other invasive cancer treatment this is better for their Life perspective.  

There is no doubt that chemotherapy drugs, angiogenic drugs, or radiation can achieve significant tumor regression, but not without paying a hefty price of producing a multitude of new cancers. Besides the billion of corpses of dead cancer cells and pericytes the biological genocide of these invasive methods leaves behind, there are billions of inflamed or otherwise damaged cells and blood vessels that greatly increase the chances of developing any number of new, aggressive, deadly cancers, because these cells do not have their protective mechanism of the pericytes any more as the first tumor had, according to Moritz [9]. These ‘new cancers’ are in fact iatrogenic caused metastases. However, no cancer specialist will admit having caused this devastating consequence.

Patients must stand up and realize that many people healed when they took personal responsibility for the health and wellbeing. Edward Griffin, Dr. Andreas Moritz, Lothar Hirneise and many more naturopathic Doctors such as Dr. Budwig, Dr. Naessens, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. David Jubb, Dr. Cousmine, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Buttar, Dr. Rath and many others mention so many cancer patients, with severe cancers even in advanced (and palliative) stages and being sent home to die by oncologists and allopathic doctors…who had a very long survival time with no oncological toxic treatment whatsoever.

There is another path to healing!

I am convinced, corporate medicine does not have a real hypothesis nor theory about what ‘healing’ cancer or ‘healing’ other diseases is, for that matter. Corporate medicine tries to destroy the tumor, which is just a symptom, the red alarm flag or the messenger. Corporate medicine makes the condition of a patient worse, and does not heal at all. A tumor is a symptom, not an ’object’. It takes a long metabolic process to grow one tumor and consequently, it requires time and persistence to reverse this unwanted symptom back into vibrant health.


The MENTAL MIS-INFORMING PROPAGANDA (= MENTAL POISON) that cancer is a deadly disease is a cause of extreme fear, even trauma, for people especially when the oncologist connects an expiry date to it. That is like a death sentence. And, when the press plays along with corporate medicine and false statistical projections are publicly made that 1 on the 2 persons will get cancer these days, people freak out and get traumatised. This MENTAL POISON is indoctrination, it is repeated so many times that people believe it. It is sheer propaganda, and serves the purpose of making billions of dollars.

The patients must do some deeper inner work to eliminate that mental poison out of their mind, body and unconsciousness.

When cancer is hereditary then one has no chance to change it…this statement is a trap. It is denial of Free Will, denial of growth in awareness, denial of the science called Epi-genetics and denial of Human Evolution.

If mainstream medicine isn’t going to keep us safe, it’s up to us to look out for ourselves and each other and become personal responsible to research, become informed, apply information, stand-up and heal ourselves.



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Author: Beatrijs M. C. H. Penn,
Executive Director of NHF-Canada

Depth Psychotherapist, Jungian Psychotherapist, Past and Present Life Regression Therapist, Trauma Therapist and Holistic Cancer Counsellor.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of NHF or its board.