Are there any health benefits for patients with cancer from Mainstream Medicine’s and
Big Pharma’s ‘cancer treatments’?


By Beatrijs M. C. H. Penn

The widely prescribed ‘treatments’ for cancer are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation are also given in a ‘sandwich’ method such as chemo-radiation-chemo or radiation-chemo-radiation. Patients are mostly in shock after having heard their cancer diagnosis, especially when the specialist has mentioned an expiry date; then it is like a death sentence to them. The oncologists are fear inducing and urge the patients to start their invasive cancer treatments as soon as possible, because the patients might ‘die of cancer’, they say.

When patients can allow themselves time to calm down, think and research, they will find that healing from cancer is a reality, within their reach.

  1. Chemotherapy: Think of this: about 15 years ago, a former client of mine, a patient with cancer, who initially thought of doing the 3E program, developed by Lothar Hirneise [1], as ‘too much time consuming’, went for her first chemotherapy IV, a short-cut to healing, she thought. At her first appointment for the IV she was very agitated. The nurse shouted at her: “sit still, when I spill a drop on the linoleum, it burns a hole in it!” and just that would have brought the nurse in trouble, of course. The patient shrieked, refused to be connected to the IV chemotherapy and ran out of the hospital, realizing what the chemo could do with the softer tissues within her body. After this incident she did the 3E program diligently and is still alive today (2020). One must ‘wake up’ out of the induced fear trance and change their belief that cancer is a deadly disease. That takes some time.                                                                                           

Chemotherapy is defined by Dr Abel as a scientific wasteland. Dr Andreas Moritz (2005, pp 33 and 34) [2] is very clear, when he mentions the outstanding research of Dr. Ulrich Abel. The highly respected German epidemiologist Dr. Ulrich Abel from the Tumor Clinic of the University of Heidelberg conducted the most comprehensive investigation on every clinical study on chemotherapy drugs ever done. Abel contacted 350 medical centers to send him anything they had published on chemotherapy. He also reviewed and analyzed thousands of scientific articles published in the most prestigious medical journals. It took Abel several years to collect and evaluate the data. Abel’s epidemiological study, which was published on August 10, 1991 in The Lancet should have alarmed every doctor and cancer patient about the risks of the most common cancer treatment: chemotherapy. In this study, Abel came to the conclusion that the overall success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling”. According to his report, there was no scientific evidence available in any existing study to show that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.”

The research of Dr. Hoelzel, published in Germany in the magazine Der Spiegel of October 2004 was also revealing. He found that the survival time for women with metastasized breast cancer in the period from 1978 – 1986 was precisely 24 months. In the period from 1987 – 1993 it was 23 months and in the period from 1994 – 2002 it was only 22 months. This shocked the oncology world but nevertheless they heeded on doing the same thing, and the sales figures increased from 5.93 billion USD to 16.11 billion USD and are still growing.

So maybe we better dismiss the whole pack of lies associated with the ‘new and better chemotherapies.

Most chemo ’therapies’ are chemically designed to attack and destroy fast growing cells, but cannot discriminate between healthy cells and cancer cells.

Some main effects of chemotherapy, the mistakenly called ‘side’ effects, are described by Lothar Hirneise [1]:

  • The toxins catch blood cells in the act of dividing and cause blood poisoning.
  • The gastrointestinal system is thrown into convulsion causing nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, cramps and progressive weakness due to destroyed gut flora.
  • Epithetical cells e.g., painful sores in the mouth, the lining of the stomach and the intestinal tract are destroyed, and this causes infections. People cannot eat nor digest!
  • Hair cells are fast growing, so the hair falls out during treatment.
  • Skin and nails that are fast growing are becoming weaker and are destroyed.
  • Reproductive organs are affected causing temporary but often permanent sterility.
  • The brain becomes fatigued and numb; many people complain of loss of memory and not being able to think clear and congruent.
  • Eye side and hearing can become impaired.
  • The lymphatic system is attacked because of the destruction of lymphocytes.
  • The bone marrow is attacked causing destruction of the leucocytes, the erythrocytes and the thrombocytes.

The influences on bone marrow and on the lymphatic system particularly are so devastating that when becoming informed, BEFORE THE DECISION of their treatment, many patients justifiably wonder, if this is precisely the opposite of what they need when tumors are present in their body.

It is ironic, states Griffin (2010) [3] that the personnel who administer these drugs to cancer patients take great precautions to be sure they themselves are not exposed to them. The Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy,[4] a standard reference for medical personnel, offers the warning:          

The potential risks involved in handling cytotoxic agents have become a concern for health care workers. The literature reports various symptoms such as eye, membrane, and skin irritation, as well as dizziness, nausea, and headache experienced by health care workers not using safe handling precautions. In addition, increased concerns regarding the mutagenesis and teratogenesis [deformed babies] continue to be investigated. Many chemotherapy agents, the alkylating agents in particular, are known to be carcinogenic [cancer causing] in the therapeutic doses. [Emphasis added]

Griffin continues that because of the fact the chemo drugs are so dangerous, the Chemotherapy Handbook lists sixteen OSHA safety procedures for medical personnel, who work around the patients. They include wearing disposable masks and gowns, eye goggles and double latex gloves. The procedure for disposing needles and other equipment used with these drugs is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the category of “hazardous waste.”

Yet, these same dangerous cancer substances are injected directly into the bloodstream of hapless cancer patients supposedly to cure their cancer! 

Griffin concludes: Chemotherapy is (1) toxic, (2) immunosuppressant, (3) carcinogenic and (4) futile. Why would doctors continue to use it? The answer is, he says: that they don’t know what else to do. (p.156). There is no evidence that treated patients with chemotherapy live any longer, on the average, than untreated patients, he states. Statistical rate of long-term survival after metastasis and administering chemo treatments is close to zero. (p.157)

In the article of Drs. Henk Trentelman in in the Dutch Magazine Spiegelbeeld, issue 9, October 2008, entitled “Chemo of kan ik zelf kiezen?” (my translation of the title: “Chemo or can I choose myself?”) Trentelman states that in a questionnaire given to oncologists one of the questions was whether they after the diagnosis cancer in their own body or with people of their family would choose for chemotherapy: 80% answered negative and argued explicitly that there is hardly any chance of healing with chemo and the quality of life is very bad after the extremely toxic chemo” (source Los Angelos Times and the McGill Cancer Center in Montreal).

Edward Griffin’s book entitled World Without Cancer (2010) exposes how corporate medicine is created and how the cartels, under which “Big Pharma”, are organised and how they work together, already from before 1900. Since World War II, known from the history of I. G. Farben, the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel and its ‘marriage’ to DuPont, Standard Oil and Ford (USA) has taken control over all ‘chemical medications’, also over ‘chemotherapy’.

 After reading this book, I understood fully how ‘chemotherapy’ was developed from chemical poisons, such as Zyclon B, used to kill the Jews in the gas chambers and Mustard gas, a biochemical warfare weapon to kill soldiers of the Allied armies, the enemies of Nazi Germany. The fact that I. G. Farben could no longer sell their toxins to Hitler, after Hitler lost WW II, needed them to think how to survive their profitable business. The cartels schemed together what to do with all those poisons that they had stocked up. Bayer became also engaged in this plot and President Nixon was paid by the cartels to declare “The War on Cancer,” to raise the fear for cancer, so the profits of the ‘chemotherapy’ and other chemical ‘medications’ would sore sky high! Many people do not know that the first chemo ‘therapy’ was made from ‘mustard gas’…a biochemical warfare weapon.  

In short: Chemotherapy is a lethal weapon, and no oncologist will tell the patient this explicitly. Modern Oncology is unimaginable without this toxin (mustard gas) and all of its ‘relatives’ that came after this first one, to name a few Alkylates, Antimetabolites, Intercalants, Taxanes and many others. When we take a closer look, it is shocking that not much has changed since WW II. It is a new dimension of murder, highly paid for and the oncologist is getting away with it, because the patients sign the ‘informed consent.’ I ask myself; “How can oncologists sleep?” and “How long are patients going to accept this?”

  1. Radiation is well known to be extremely toxic and dangerous. This is why health care professionals run to hide behind leaded walls, before they irradiate patients with cancer tumors. Why would they run to hide behind these leaded walls when they are administering a wholesome therapy? Simply because they do not want to get exposed to these dangerous rays, because they know the consequences, they have studied what radiation is and what it can cause, of which they do not inform the patient. High energy radiation from radioactive material or from X-rays is a cancer mutagen. The radiation is absorbed by the atoms in water molecules surrounding the DNA, resulting in loss of electrons creating a free radical, a highly dangerous and highly reactive molecule that attacks the DNA molecule and alters it in many ways. Radiation can also cause double strand breaks in the DNA molecule. Radiation causes cancer! It is seen numerous times that a tumor undergoes explosive growth during or shortly after a radiation.

In 1959, Dr Astaldi published his explanation of how X-rays block oxygen consumption, in a parallel relationship with the dose. In the same year Noyes and Smith published their findings that X-rays with 0.2 Gy per session destroy mitochondria and the nitrogen content is increased in the mitochondria. When the protocol mostly is 25 – 30 rounds, the radiation causes irrevocable destruction of possibly millions of mitochondria! By radiation the production of the patient’s energy is impaired for the rest of his/her life, because mitochondria do not regrow.                                                                                                                        

In 1961 the work of Wohlfarth, Botterman, and Schneider confirmed that mitochondria under X-rays completely crumble just 15 minutes after radiation, fatty acid oxidation is destroyed, and changes are visible in the cytoplasm. (Hirneise, 2005, p. 180) [2] Hirneise describes on the pages 181-184 the disastrous results of radiation that were published from 1903 onwards by Prof. Dr Schwartz, Seeger, Thomas, Abderhalden, Warburg, Segal, Witte, Rajewski, Bender, and Hecker.

Older studies are often disregarded just because they are ‘old’, but that does not make sense. Radiation of 1960 is still the same as it is in the 21st century and 60 Gy are still 60 Gy. Also, our mitochondria are still structured the same as centuries ago and today they are more severely damaged as result of the many environmental toxins and the new EMF technologies that we are the victim of in our daily lives.

As early as 1960 Dr. Zabel described that a tumor only bears the brunt of 0.5-4.0% of the total radiation, the surrounding tissues absorbs at least 95 % of the amount of the radiation, and those tissues burn and the burning leaves behind incredible amounts of toxic debris that cause painful inflammations. It is precisely the immune-system cells that are attacked or destroyed by radiation. Every person who has undergone radiation can confirm this due to the increased vulnerability to infection during and after irradiation. Many of them are anaemic after radiation and develop leukemia. This is a paradoxical situation because the body is then robbed of its defensive function against the rest of the cancer cells…so what happens to these cancer tumors and other cancer cells in the body? They grow and form metastases, according to the theory of tumors being a second liver by Dr. Cousmine, a plausible theory introduced by Lothar Hirneise [1]!

Also, it has been proven by the Study of Dr. Ian Mackenzie that for the 780 woman he examined, the chance of getting breast cancer was 24,5 times (!) higher for women, who had received irradiation, than it was for non-irradiated patients, states Lothar Hirneise (2005, p. 221).

Griffin (2010) quotes Dr. Powers when he says, “increased morbidity” and explains that Dr. Powers means that radiation is what makes people ill. In a study at the Oxford University, it was found that many women who received radiation died of heart attacks, because their hearts had been weakened by the radiation treatment.[5] Radiation (also X-ray) weakens the immune system which can lead to death from secondary causes such as infections and pneumonia. Many cancer patients whose death certificates state heart failure or pulmonary pneumonia or respiratory failure really die from the consequences of their cancer treatments. Cancer statistics—based as they are on data from death certificates—conceal the truth about the failure of orthodox cancer therapies and call these deaths to be caused by cancer, which is not true.

As Dr Richardson has observed: “I have seen patients who have been paralyzed by cobalt spine radiation, and after vitamin treatment (B17) their HCG test is faintly positive. We ‘got’ their cancer, but the radiogenic manipulation is such that they can’t walk…it is the cobalt that will kill, not the cancer” (Griffin, 2010, p. 147)

At the same cancer convention of radiologists, Dr. Philip Rubin reviewed cancer-survival statistics published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. He concluded: “the clinical evidence and statistical data in numerous reviews are cited to illustrate that no increase in survival has been achieved by the addition of radiation [to cancer treatments]. To which Dr. Peters added: “In carcinoma of the breast, the mortality rate still parallels the incidence rate, thus proving that there has been no true improvement in the successful treatment of the disease over the past thirty years, even though there has been technical improvement in both surgery and radiotherapy during that time. (Griffin, 2010, p.145) People with cancer should take time to think before they sign the consent form.

How does the radiation beam cause the severe damage?                                       

The recommendations are usually that the entire breast should be radiated with 50 – 60 Gy. Even corporate medicine’s ‘targeted approach’ is a lie, but hardly anyone realizes what really happens. The specialist will call it ‘targeted’ but that does not mean that only the tumour gets hit by the radiating beam. It means that the beam 1.8 Gy radiation,…EVERY ROUND…25 – 30 times, this beam of 1.8 Gy goes first through healthy tissue of the breast  and burns a hole in the healthy tissues to reach the tumor and then the beam hits the tumour somewhere in the breast and then the beam goes through the tumor and burns every round more of the tumor away and exits the body out of the back through the lungs, maybe even through the heart and/or through the musculature of the back and the bones of the spine and/or ribs…..leaving a huge load of burned, earlier healthy, cells and tissues on its way: a genocide of  burned cells, nerves, muscle and other tissues, bone tissue and even destroyed bone marrow etc. The beam digs a path through the body, through healthy tissues and later through burned debris…very painful for the patient, because mostly it causes inflammation and extremely painful infections of internal burns. An other serious consequence of radiation is every round again the beam is destroying of many, many blood cells, erythrocytes in the bloodstream of the blood vessels that streams and goes on streaming about 8 rounds during the whole body in one session of radiation, while the radiation is taking place in the blood vessels (many, many, white and red blood cells get damaged or broken down which causes anaemia; many blood cells even die, because the blood streams as long as the radiation is being done, every round again 8x through the body…25 – 30 rounds). This causes heavy damage to mitochondria’s, and this causes lack of oxygen in the blood cells, oxygen which is so crucial for the process of healing from cancer. The result or radiation causes the person to become exhausted and bed ridden, burdened with unbearable pain. Many women cannot bear this ordeal, want to die and will die after a while. This process can be shown after 1 radiation session by doing Life Cell Blood analysis just before and just after the radiation. The patient will startle, but that is good feedback and could make them reconsider and draw back their consent.

There are no hard facts confirming that radiation contributes to women living significantly longer with quality of life, let alone healing, however this radiation is still considered part of the standard corporate medical program (and the evil thing is that the radiologist knows this result and does not inform the patient!).

Leading oncologists say that the survival time does not significantly increase through this measure of radiation, I have no doubt that they will be damned right. Most patients do not get on their feet after radiation through 25 – 30 rounds. I know clients in Holland who permitted chemo and radiation, who have been severely weakened after these ‘treatments’ and bed ridden after radiation and died faster than the ones who took alternative routes, took personal responsibility and found their own unique way out of cancer.

  1. Surgery: Also, surgery will be used, when the patient does not oppose this advice of the cancer specialist, because the patient is not informed that a tumor is a survival mechanism. Many patients will probably also ask for surgery. The removal of a polyp or a suspicious mole will lead to the illusion of preventing cancer. Taking away by surgery a polyp, mole or a tumor will give the person the illusion that now the tumor is gone = the cancer is gone. However, the causes of the cancer have not been eliminated, which will be followed by other tumors growing in the body. The fact that the first one was there is the proof that pathology was already present much earlier and that we must understand what was coming to the surface of a process that started years ago. A cancer tumor is a metabolic process not an object.

There is no evidence, states Griffin [4], that patients who receive radical or extensive surgical options live any longer than those who receive conservative options or, for that matter, those who receive none at all. In this statement I understand that Griffin does not know about the fact that cancer is a survival mechanism and that without invasive ‘treatments’ patients with cancer live definitely longer.

Iatrogenic metastases

Surgery is believed, already at that time, that Griffin wrote his book (2010), to increase the likelihood of disseminating cancer to other locations. Many oncologists and doctors observed this. I have found this observation in many books since 1948, but they kept this observation hidden for the patients. In 2012 this risk of metastases was proven to be correct. Any trauma to a tumor can cause dangerous metastases. The scientific article entitled: “Study Shows How a Group of Tumor Cells Help Prevent Metastasis” by Raghu Kalluri, MD, PhD, published in the January 17, 2012 issue of Cancer Cell. [6] This group of little explored cells, called perycites, that are part of every primary cancerous tumor, serve as important gatekeepers against cancer progression and metastasis, as long as the tumor is intact. However, when the tumor is harmed f.i. by biopsy, surgery, radiation or other ways (like a hit of a ski-stock or a fall), these cells escape from the protection of the primary tumor and travel through the body and cause dangerous fast-growing metastases.

CAVEAT: If a patient can prevent a biopsy this is better for their future:  scientific research results have shown that biopsy can cause metastasis later. I will give the entire articles of Walter Last and Andreas Moritz to people with cancer so they can confront the specialist and question the procedure.



The same is said by Dr. Ulrich Abel and Dr Hoelzel, and many more medical researchers, professors and explicitly honest doctors. There are better scores in the stats among those not receiving any treatments and finding their own unique path to healing, but those data are looked down upon by corporate medical doctors as ‘anecdotical’ and ‘not scientific’, because they are not done according to the method of Evidence Based Medicine. However, more people are killed by the mainstream medical invasive and destructive cancer-treatments than saved.

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are ‘gamble games’ with one’s life. Patients need to be informed about the real facts: a drug treatment that promises temporary shrinkage of the tumor in at the most 10% of patients is not a promising therapy, but a gamble with their life. Only 2% to 4% of cancers respond to chemotherapy with shrinking, yet it has now become standard procedure to prescribe chemotherapy drugs for most cancers. With a failure rate of at least 93%, medical cancer therapy cannot be considered a treatment at all, but rather a serious threat to the life of a patient. The oncologist neglects to inform the client that the weapons ‘against the tumor’ that he puts into the client’s body can be deadly. Chemotherapy is so poisonous that leaking a few drops in your hand or on a linoleum floor can burn holes into them. Any person can imagine the holes that chemotherapy creates inside their blood vessels, lymphatic ducts and organ tissues, when they undergo infusion after infusion. 2 – 7% ‘success-rate’ for cancer treatments that use destruction as a ‘healing’ tool? That is the cruelest lie of modern medicine!

Unfortunately, not much has changed since that time……now decades ago……

How can corporate medicine get away with these outright lies? 

The researchers are bending the truth: they merely adjust the methods of gathering and evaluating statistics as to guarantee the desired results. How the researchers cheat with the data is appalling Dr Harding Jones exposes them in his paper: “A report on Cancer” of March 7, 1969. He states that: “beginning in 1940, through redefinition of terms, various questionable grades of malignancy were classed as cancer. After that date, the proportion of ‘cancer’ cures having “normal” life expectancy increased rapidly, corresponding to the fraction of questionable diagnoses included”. Another statistical deception is that cancer can now be detected at an earlier stage. The time between diagnosis and death is longer, but the length of life has not increased at all.” (Griffin, p. 146).

Clients must become informed that they themselves and corporate medicine make cancer ‘a monster’, which cancer is not, and the growth of a cancer tumor is totally explicable and understandable in metabolic processes, as I will do in my next articles.


Patients need to learn standing strong for their health and stop signing informed consents. By signing an informed consent, they give permission to do to them the mentioned harm on the consent form, and after the given consent the doctor, oncologist, radiologist is not liable!

Patients must stand up and realize that many people healed when they took personal responsibility for the health and wellbeing. Edward Griffin, Dr. Andreas Moritz, Lothar Hirneise and naturopaths such as Dr. Budwig, Dr. Naessens, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. David Jubb, Dr. Cousmine, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Buttar, Dr. Rath and many others mention many cancer patients, with severe cancers even in advanced (and palliative) stages and being sent home to die by oncologists and allopathic doctors…who surprisingly had a very long survival time with no oncological toxic treatment whatsoever.

Beatrijs M. C. H. Penn,
Executive Director of NHF-Canada

Depth Psychotherapist, Jungian Psychotherapist, Past and Present Life Regression Therapist, Trauma Therapist and Holistic Cancer Counsellor.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of NHF or its board.


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