By Heidi Osterman, CN

        There is a simple, safe solution for COVID-19. The choices are not limited to the two terrible scenarios of (1) Allowing the ill to die so that we all gain natural immunity for life, or (2) Trying to lock down the World leading to global financial ruin, a police State, and medical tyranny. Enter Option 3: Intravenous (IV) Hydrogen Peroxide.

        If Hydrogen-Peroxide Therapy were to work as well in COVID-19 as it did in the Spanish flu, then the current death rate would be reduced by half, and the number of patients requiring a ventilator would be greatly reduced, or patients may not need one at all.

        If you were hospitalized with COVID-19 and learned of a treatment that had been successfully trialed during the World’s deadly Spanish flu pandemic, would you want to try it?  If the treatment were also low-tech, easy to administer, and didn’t require any special testing, had no contraindications, and was readily available, wouldn’t it seemingly be the answer to this medical crisis? A treatment cheap enough for the poorest country to use even in the most primitive of settings, it would be the perfect solution and answer to a global prayer.

         Assuming all of this were true, how would you feel when told that the hospital would not authorize its use, but rather that some higher governing body would need to authorize it first?

        This is exactly where we are at. This treatment exists; and, no, you can’t get it in a hospital. The treatment is IV Hydrogen-Peroxide Therapy. Your doctor will never have heard of it and certainly would not have learned about it in medical school. But it does exist and has been quietly and safely used for 100 years now in private clinics around the World. Unpatented treatment options are the domain of some discreet, private medical facilities.

         Hydrogen Peroxide, commonly used topically to clean wounds and gargled as a mouth disinfectant, can also be used as an intravenous drip to treat infection. In dilute concentrations of 0.03% in a dextrose sugar-water solution this treatment is entirely safe and does not cause air embolism.

         The human body already produces Hydrogen Peroxide inside the macrophages of the white blood cells as a defense against fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. This is one key step in the immune response of all mammals; nothing new at all.

        The intravenous use of Hydrogen Peroxide was pioneered by medical doctors fighting the World’s deadliest pandemic to date, the Spanish flu. The medical officer of the Royal Infirmary, Professor T. H. Oliver, was stationed in India during the 1919 outbreak. His records and observations were published in The Lancet, the top medical journal at the time:

         “So useless were the usual remedies tried that we felt justified in giving a trial to any method that held the prospect of success. The mortality of the epidemic may be gauged from the fact that in one large hospital in which the influenza cases were segregated in special huts the death-rate was over 80%. The first test subject was an E. Indian man who had been delirious for two days previously and was selected as being the worst case in the ward and to all appearances moribund. The patient showed no signs of discomfort during the treatment and the noticeable feature was the steadying and deepening of the respiration and great lessening of discomfort. The temperature fell to normal in the course of the next days. “The change was remarkable, the patient, who previously had to be tied in bed owing to delirium, was in short order sitting up and asking for food; and from that time improved steadily, released as a walking case 3 weeks later. Encouraged by the success we tried the method on 24 others – selecting always those whose condition was apparently hopeless. 10 were delirious at the time of infusion and had to be held down in bed. Three were comatose from toxemia.

        52% of the hopeless cases survived after Hydrogen Peroxide compared to 80% mortality rate for less ill patents not treated with Hydrogen Peroxide.”

        These astonishing results were recorded and published for posterity on February 21, 1920, in The Lancet, under the article title, “Influenza Pneumonia: The Intravenous Injection of Hydrogen Peroxide,” noting further that, “In view of a further outbreak of influenza accompanied by bronchopneumonia another method of combatting the extreme toxemia and anoxemia (lack of oxygen) appears worthy of record.”

        There, in medical history, lies our salvation. One hundred years ago doctors noted the worthiness of this treatment. The Lancet still exists as a prestigious journal for doctors today, and your doctor can order a copy of this paper from the medical library. It is a kind of a “message in a bottle” from one generation of doctors to another.

        Yet, some remember this old cure. Current references in the medical literature abound with titles such as “Activation of murine macrophages by hydrogen peroxide” (ElsevierCellular Signaling, Volume 6, issue 8, November 6, 1994) and “Hydrogen Peroxide Inflammation: Messenger, Guide, and Assassin” (Advances in Hematology, Volume 2012, Article ID 541471 (June 2012)).

        It is all there, if you look for it.

        Hospitals do not use Hydrogen Peroxide as part of a critical care protocol. It is used in private medical practice by doctors who have taken specialized training in unconventional intravenous treatments. It is time to incorporate these treatments into the hospital system at least for COVID-19 cases. By contrast, President Trump fast-tracked the use of an old drug without clinical trials. A hastily made vaccine has been fast-tracked and skipped animal safety studies, already being injected into a human being. Surely, hospital officials can allow the use of something as old and safe as this treatment, at least provisionally and in a few, limited locations.

         A prime minister, a president, a king, or supreme leaders are all capable of issuing executive orders to allow for hanging a few bags of IV Hydrogen Peroxide. Under the current circumstances, it is inconceivable to refuse a safe treatment. Being also a very simple and cost-effective approach, there is no justification for refusing to apply a safe treatment especially in light of the fact that there exists no effective mainstream-medical treatment at this time.

        Hospitals can start treating COVID-19 patients with this Hydrogen-Peroxide therapy as soon as they arrive. The doctor, Dr. Dietrich Wittel, M.D., Ph.D., who has already safely administered 20,000 of these intravenous treatments, is willing to share his experience with medical doctors or government officials and address questions about the treatment. Dr. Wittel is a licensed medical doctor and has been safely administering this intravenous-drip solution of Hydrogen-Peroxide treatments for twenty years in Kelowna, B.C., Canada for commonly treatable conditions, including viral shingles, diabetic infections that don’t respond to antibiotics, lung disease, and chronic bacterial infections associated with cardiovascular disease. He is equally an expert in the safe administration of high-dose IV Vitamin C, which was reportedly used in China with success for COVID-19 by Dr. Enqian Mao at a dosage of 10-20 grams per day.

        The advantage of Hydrogen Peroxide is that you do not need to do the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency test that IV Vitamin C requires for certain ethnicities. Both treatments could be employed since people are dying for lack of treatment, not because of a super deadly virus since COVID-19 is not the problem, 98% of people survive it relatively easily. The lack of proper treatment for hospitalized patients is the problem. We all know that fluids, painkillers, and ventilators are not true treatments. Corticosteroids are a treatment, but they are not enough, antibiotics are not enough. It is time to allow safe, novel treatments to be used in institutional care. Nursing homes could treat in-house, prisons likewise. Started early on such an IV treatment, a hospital stay could be considerably shortened. These IV treatments are the only treatments that could be used immediately and simultaneously worldwide without difficulty. Someone needs to tell our representatives and tell President Trump. He could set this situation straight. “Make the World Well Again” is a great slogan for this campaign.

        So, it has all come to this: the hospital system must be enabled to provide these strategies. What do we have to lose by trying? It is simple and patients deserve a fighting chance.

        If you get sick, ask for IV Hydrogen Peroxide or Vitamin C in the hospital. You must stand up for your right to try alternative therapies. Hospital doctors and nurses deserve these treatments too. They themselves should be able to get an IV at the end of every shift.

        This is no time for hospital politics. Hang the bag.

        Preferably before the economy implodes completely. We can avoid economic ruin and set the World free to resume living. It truly can be this simple. Now who is in charge of decision-making on this matter?

The author, Heidi Osterman, is a Chelation Technician and Therapeutic Nutritionist, who can be reached at Dr. Dietrich Wittel, mentioned in this article, was originally an ear, nose, and throat specialist, surgeon, and emergency-room doctor, but he began a private medical clinic in Kelowna, British Columbia in 1998, specializing in IV therapies.  As an international speaker, his focus is on mentoring doctors on the correct and safe use of IV protocols. He can be found at, and reached by email at or telephoned at +1-250-878-9437.