Freedom Event, Aug. 29, 2021

By Beatrijs M.C.H. Penn

This morning the clip of Eric Clapton was posted on entitled “This Gotta Stop”; perfect timing.

To end the medical ‘Covid’ tyranny, we ourselves must end the inner dependence to expect that there will be a savior from the outside in any kind of form or shape, such as:

  • A longed for loving or caring mother/father/caregiver who will take you by the hand and lead you out of the prison of lockdown or rescue you from mandated unsafe vaccinations or take off muzzling masks and give you a deeper breath of air and so forth; this attitude holds you in a child position.

  • Some one higher up in the hierarchy in our country, such as a governmental official, that you assume that he/she knows better than you do how to take care of your body. Waiting for this authority to mandate you what to do and what not to do. 

  • A healthcare or medical practitioner, doctor or nurse, massage therapist or other therapist, whom you assume can heal you from your ailments and diseases and the risks of living your life freely and adventurously. 

  • Some one, a stand-up politician or brave civilian, who takes the effort of starting a lawsuit to turn right what is wrong in the Canadian system, and you sit on the couch watching a Netflix movie…until the judge decides;

  • Benevolent Angels or Malevolent Aliens from other planets that come to your rescue out of the sky and make every Covid agony go away miraculously;

  • Wait endlessly until the world has ‘all of a sudden’ becomes a better place……

  • And so on….

To end this ‘Covid’ tyranny we must stop believing in fairy-tales and understand that this tyranny is willfully imposed upon us, to break us and make us into slaves. It is US, each and every one of us, who need to get off our knees and onto our feet, explore, research, understand what is going on, and stand up. Let ourselves be heard, choose members of a government who will act in our interest and not misuse this crisis to grab power and fill their pockets. WE NEED TO ACT as sane and rational adults, who are able to practise/exercise the power of ‘NO.’ 


Some of us have to get out of the mass hysteria that is going on and come out of the trance, heal themselves first from the insanity of the indoctrinated fear that has been going on for 1,5 years: explore, research and understand what is going on…WE ALL MUST GROW IN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR HEALTH, LIVES AND ACTIONS IN FREEDOM.

It really works: I will give a few examples of my experiences from my own life.


I was a young woman of 36 years old, expecting my first child. The delivery was very traumatic, took more than 48 hours, and after medical failures and neglect left me physically a wreck. After my inquiries with the medical professionals involved, hearing the lies and seeing the cover ups in my medical file, of which I demanded access, I took, after a deep painful process of realizing the betrayal, a conscious decision to NOT sue the midwife and the hospital but to direct every effort towards steps that could help me get on my feet and heal. 

Coming from a family background of conventional medical doctors and medical specialists, I did not know better at that time than to follow the routes of mainstream medicine. It was an excruciating journey through the realm of mainstream medicine and the end results were clearly devastating. I could not trust mainstream medicine any longer in 2001, 17 years later. 


I was losing weight rapidly, was so weak that I could hardly walk, my muscles were atrophying. I had many frightening and painful symptoms. I knew something was very wrong. It turned out after many medical exams that I had tumours in my liver, pancreas, and colon.

The internal specialist and oncologist advised the usual destructive trio: chemo, radiation, and surgery, as I am informed now: a recipe for assisted suicide. There was an inner strong force in me that said “NO.” The medical advice was intensely aversive to me. Of course, the usual fearmongering followed: doctors stating that if I would not follow their advice, I would have less than 6 months to live. To get a patient under control, doctors mostly give you a threat of death and an expiry date. I simply said: “You are not God” and staggered out of the room.  I never went back to mainstream doctors … not once, not even for a blood test, or an X-ray to check whether I was cancer-free! I knew inside when I was healed and healthy. Some people told me with demeaner: “you were lucky”. No, I made the right decisions, that were in accordance with my Soul Journey.

At that time, I had never heard of healing naturally from metastasis cancer. But being able to stand alone and in meditation to go into my inner silence, new ideas would come up, or attraction to certain natural methods like some cleansing methods of the Canadian Naturopathic doctor Hulda Clark and the necessity of treatments of Traditional Siddha Medicine (Ayurveda) would become evident to me. Sometimes I met persons and I felt an attraction to what they said or had experienced, which helped me make further steps along my healing path. Those moments of ‘silent knowing’ were like an inner pull, and I followed those sensations, that came from deep inside. This process turned out to be a necessary learning process through the labyrinth of healing to learn to stand strong on my own feet and take personal responsibility for my Soul Journey, my Life and the health of my physical body, the vehicle of my Soul. As you can see it worked for me, I am still here in 2021, am healthy and have no symptoms, none whatsoever: I just followed my inner knowing and still do that.  

In hindsight, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I woke up between 2001 and 2004!

Since 2004

Since 2004, when I was totally healed and without cancer tumours, I have not visited any GP or any other mainstream doctor/specialist for advice or treatments; I have not taken any toxic chemical pharmaceuticals, also deceitful called ‘medications.’ Only two times I decided out of necessity after accidents for X-rays, and when I knew what was damaged, I found my own way to heal naturally with the support of alternative health care professionals, whom I trusted.

During my healing process something has happened that opened and deepened my awareness profoundly for what was going on in the medical world. I had many questions about why I healed and other people with metastasis cancer died. 

I started reading and studying, following courses that were ‘not mainstream’ about other psychotherapeutic treatments and alternative medicine, not known in the medical establishment. I stepped ‘out of the box’. I found out about so much different important issues, much different than the mainstream medical and psychological system wants us to believe. 

The most important was for me: that cancer is not a deadly disease but a survival mechanism. When one knows how the tumour is developed in the body and what its function is, one can reverse this process and the symptom of a tumour will disappear.

And that is the adventure of life: The world is not as it seems; it is a perception – deception; we have to look through the illusions that suit other interests than the ones that we decided to follow on our Soul journey in pursuing Truth.

H1N1/Swine Flu 2008/2009

While being an activist in the time of the H1N1/Swine Flu (2008/2009), I read the book of the Canadian naturopathic doctor Guylaine Lanctôt entitled: The Medical Mafia, How to Get out of it Alive and take back our Health and Wealth, an important key to become aware about what was hidden behind the curtains of our medical system and ‘pandemics’, being tools and mechanisms to sell loads of so-called ‘vaccines’ and make big profits. With concerted efforts we could stop the threat of mandated unsafe H1N1/Swine-flu vaccinations at that time, in Holland.  Already then, we knew about the possibility of getting nano-sized ‘chips’ injected together with these vaccines and we informed the Dutch public of this suspicion and the hidden aim (control) and tried to find out with laboratories how those ‘chips’ would be injected.

I began to see how doctors, oncologists, and psychologists were controlled by Big Pharma, ‘bought and bribed’ and that their data about patients were streamlined in diagnostic categories (DSM IV and currently DSM V) and computer programs for filing the patients’ data, that did not leave much room for privacy and individual choice of treatment. Also, there was the danger that these computer programs could be hacked easily by persons or organisations from the outside that would like to find more information about someone, without asking permission. 

In oncology ‘a second opinion’ was not possible anymore because every oncologist could open the system with the client’s name and case number and find out what the other oncologist had diagnosed and suggested as treatment and just confirm that again, when it was conform the protocol in the computer. Oncologists told me that individual thinking and experimenting could be punished by getting fired … already back than in 2008! That meant that alternative treatments could not any longer be provided to cancer patients who would want that alternative route. That I questioned these immoral and intrusive developments on privacy and free will of patients were not accepted easily in my circles of colleagues. A patient needed to be strong enough to be willing to step out of the box, as I had done. There was no other choice: control or free endeavour.

Naturopaths in prison for healing people

I heard more and more stories of naturopathic doctors being imprisoned, like the stories of the Canadian Doctors Hulda Clark and Guylaine Lanctôt. Both came out of prison because their patients stood up in masses and proved that they were truly healed through the treatments coached by these doctors. Also, Dutch, Belgian, and French naturopaths and pharmacologists were charged by the pharmaceutical industry of crimes of ‘telling lies and giving people false hope,’ and their reputations became ruined, their clinics destroyed and it happened that some of these people were found ‘dead’ with the suspicion of ‘suicide.’ This is going on till today all over the world. The National Health Federation (NHF) is standing strong for two doctors and their legal processes who were imprisoned in France; one of them is free now, the second one will hopefully be liberated soon.

The Suppression of Naturopathy

It took some years before I understood that this phenomenon of suppression of naturopathy has a long history going back to before 1900. Before 1900, all doctors were using herbs, food, and natural methods such as enemas to clean the body.

I encourage you to explore the website In the book The Hundred Year Lie, how Medicines and Food Undermine Health, by Randall Fitzgerald (2006), Fitzgerald unmasks many myths and shows also with scientific research results how food and herbs are powerful medicines for any disease, starting with detoxification, which is thoroughly cleaning out toxins, eliminating them out of the body in several ways and on several levels. It is the healing process from the inside out, which is reversing a dis-ease into balance of the body which is called Health (connected on all levels, also the Spiritual level, with the Light that we are and the Light that is in every cell of our body: indeed, we are electromagnetic beings). Taking personal responsibility for one’s health and growing in awareness is very important and can be Life saving. 

The most horrific history is exposed by G. Edward Griffin in his book entitled World Without Cancer, The Story of Vitamin B17 (2009) Griffin describes the cartels such as the early history of I. G. Farben, the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel, and its marriage to DuPont, Standard Oil, and Ford (USA) and how they have worked together since World War II. 

When you read Griffin’s book you will come to understand how ‘chemo therapy’ was developed from the same chemical poisons, Zyclon B and  Mustard Gas, which I. G. Farben could no longer sell to Hitler to kill the Jews and the armies of the Allies, after the Nazis lost WW II! The cartels schemed together what to do with all those poisons that they had in stock. Bayer was also engaged in this plot and President Nixon was paid by the cartels to declare ‘The War on Cancer,’ in order to raise the fear for cancer, so the profits of the so called ‘chemo therapy’ would sore sky high! The pharmaceutical industry, or Big Pharma, has become a multi-billion industry and is not aiming to heal any patient: a patient is just a renewable source of income until his death. There is no long-term profit to be made from a cured patient. 

Rockefeller and his Cronies

Before 1900, the Rockefeller Group had bought the medical schools of universities in many countries by giving them ‘donations’ and ‘requiring’ in return, in a written contract, that they will not educate in natural medicine (USA, Canada and many more, also Holland). They imposed their pharmaceutical toxic products with bribing doctors, bribing professors and bribing politicians etc. 


J.D. Rockefeller destroyed the Medical Schools all over the world, and after he had ordered his friend Mr. Fletcher to make a plan to set up the structure for the Medical Schools (The Fletcher Report) and founded the World Health Organization he got the control over worldwide sickness and death strategies under deceiving terms as so- called ‘health policies.’ Creating problems like pandemics and giving one solution: vaccines, that can be marketed with enormous profits. He committed treason to transparent and honest science. Medical science ‘divorced’ from science, it became scientism…a belief and doctrine.  

And currently in the ‘corona-crisis’ Bill Gates follows Rockefeller’s footprints in even more deceitful, devastating, and sickening ways (The Corbett Report, “Who is Bill Gates?”).

The contemporary medical education is under the dictatorship of the pharmaceutical industry.

When you read the books by John Virapen (2010), who was years ago one of the top-managers of Eli Lilly, you might be shocked to find out how Big Pharma ‘bribes and buys many doctors’ up until today. I would not be surprised when this is the reason why so many doctors in Canada do not speak up in this current Covid crisis, they probably fear the deadly consequences.

In medical schools no longer is taught how a disease develops in the body (etiology), and how one can reverse this process, from the inside out unfolding the natural inbuild process to balance the body. In a medical school the medical students get only 1 – 4 hours education on food, simply because biological food cannot be patented and is not a means to make big profits!  

Conventional Medical Care treats symptoms of disease. The current mainstream medical thinking is chemistry based. However, all living things have living chemistry (biological chemistry). Chemical and synthetic drugs contain no life and are therefore incapable of creating life; in fact, they are often harmful. The truth is: all chemical drugs are toxins, these toxins are stored in the fat cells of the body and cause chronic diseases.  

After medical school, doctors receive ongoing education about the presumed efficacy of new drugs from pharmaceutical company representatives, whose main objective is to convince doctors to sell their products, with multiple possible harmful side effects disclosed in their inserts.

I believe the future of Orthodox Mainstream Medicine is a dead-end road. The betrayal that is going on in the Covid-19 FRAUD-Era with the so-called unsafe vaccines that are not vaccines but medical treatments with a sinister goal, makes the pharmaceutical industry totally treacherous and untrustworthy, for me.


I believe it is time to end a century of scientific medical fraud. I encourage you to read Tarnished Gold, The Sickness of Evidence-based Medicine by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts (2011) and get more insight in how the Gold Standard of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is manipulated and medical fraud is covered up. EBM cannot be considered scientific or even rational, the authors state. Its megatrials are theoretically incapable of finding the causes of disease, yet swallow up all research funds. Most funds are only given when the outcome suits the goals of the pharmaceutical industry. Even peer-reviewed articles must be bought for high prices. Ultimately EBM cannot avoid risking a patients’ health, the authors show.

What is the future?  What do we need to do? 

We must “Say good-bye to the Germ Theory” and doing so end a century of medical fraud, states Dr William Trebing (2006) in his book with this same title. We must change our believe system.

We don’t catch diseases. We create diseases by the way we live. 

We don’t catch a cold or a flu. Even eczema does not come from the outside. Eczema par example is a toxicity crisis and the skin (our largest detoxification organ) is trying to eliminate the toxins, because the rest of the eliminating systems, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and blood, are all filled up with toxins and are congested. We actually “earn” a disease by fostering toxic waste conditions in our bodies, as a result of our lifestyles. 

Coming from the profession of a psychotherapist, I must add here that emotions play an important part too. This is vastly overlooked because most doctors only focus on the physical body. When people suppress emotions and do not know how to allow themselves and their body to feel, be with, go through, and process emotions and deeper feelings that can be triggered by an emotional ‘hit’ like a loss, a trauma, war, natural disasters, and so on, we make poison (= toxins) in our bodies, and poison causes diseases. Candace Pert, a scientist in cellular biology, has described this process upon cellular level in her book entitled Molecules of Emotions, Why We Feel the Way We Feel (1997). One example: real sadness after a loss, with tears and sobbing will show healing properties in the tears, but ‘poor me tears’ – which is a victim manipulation – show properties of toxins in the tears, when examined in a laboratory.


Symptoms arise because of deficiencies, toxicity, acidity, and imbalances within body fluids and cells, also COVID symptoms which are a list a flu-like symptoms. We can use common sense to overcome a flu, right?

Pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured chemicals; they are not natural to the body. The body does not recognize them as food, and cannot digest them, so they become stored in fat cells, and cause more symptoms and complications. 

Drugs do not deal with the cause of an illness.

It is my personal and professional opinion and my personal experience healing from metastasis cancer that only the removal of the causes of disease on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual will bring about true and lasting vibrant health

So, we need to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY for the way we live and process our feelings.

The Reality of Natural Healing 

Dr David Jubb explains in his book David Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation, Colloidal Biology: A Symbiosis this vital process on cellular level and shows that Life is self-organizing, which occurs in the body as toxin is cleared out. He explains how he found under the microscope that every virus, bacteria, fungi, or malformed organelles, and even cancer cells, are waste products of our body and have to be eliminated by the immune system (macrophages, leucocytes, T cells, etc.). In case the immune system is compromised, as David Jubb states, it cannot do its work, as it is supposed to, and then we create illness, by stocking up toxins in the cells of the body after which cells start to dysfunction and dysfunction of organs follows. When cleaned from toxins, cells decide for themselves whether they will die or live longer and reproduce new vital clean cells.

True Health Care works to correct the causes of diseases. True natural medicine is health care that uses cleansing methods, is based on natural healing methods, organic foods and herbs (free from toxins and not GMO), and has been practised since the beginning of civilization. 

It is to ‘live’ the Hippocratic Oath: FIRST DO NO HARM! 

It was also Hippocrates who said: Let Food be Thy Medicine.

Ever asked yourself why no Healthcare official and/or governmental official is promoting the building of NATURAL IMMUNITY?

Natural immunity does not bring profits for the shareholders! 

A recent scientific research result from Israeli scientists shows that NATURAL IMMUNITY is 14x more effective than artificial immunity by vaccines (Alex Berenson Aug. 25, 2021)

It is that simple. Vitamin C, D (the Sun), E and Zinc, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine are all cheap and affordable.

Jon Rappaport said it so eloquently (August 28,2021):

It comes to every person on his own. And the end of medical tyranny does not arrive as a trust of an external force, but from one’s own struggle, accompanied by insights for which there is no outside agency to lend confirmation.

All experiments come to an end, as does the method of thought on which they were based. 

It can only dissolve when overwhelming numbers of individuals, each in his/her own way, absent of self deception, sees it bankruptcy. (end quote)


The lie:

Vaccines with many serious adverse reactions brings a new opportunity to invest in more so called ‘scientific’ research, to develop shots that will diminish adverse reactions: more investment and profits for the multi billion pharmaceutical Industry. It is a perpetual circle for moneymaking for their shareholders, by making the people sicker and sicker. 

Do not step in this trap, step out of the fearmongering!

To me the whole Covid fairy-tale is all is such a scam. 

Medical Science has lost my trust, completely.

To coerce to put a needle in every arm, a vaccine that nobody needs…it is insane! The remedy is worse than the disease it self, about 98% of the people who catch it recover even without treatment!

Medical science has betrayed us.

I will never be able to trust medical science again.

The constitution makes the principle My Body-My Choice very clear! 

It is illegal to pass a mandate for an experimental vaccine, that is not a vaccine but a mRNA treatment (Nuernberger code, Helsinki code); this is CRIMINAL FRAUD!


So, when you feel what I have shared with you is true: you will NOT COMPLY to a chemical and synthetic unnatural mRNA mechanism that is in these so called Covid Vaccines. You will stand strong and unbreakable for YOUR TRUTH of what real healing is.

Let Trudeau stick the newly ordered 55 million doses of mRNA vaccines  (7 or more for every citizen) in his own arms and in the arms of his loyal followers and live happily ever after!  


I have learned to be personal responsible for my body and health. I know how to clean my body up to cell level and keep my blood clean. I also know now how to feed my body with real nutrition. That attitude has been my natural remedy since 2004. It works!


God bless you all!


Beatrijs M.C.H.Penn,

Depth Psychotherapist, Trauma therapist, Holistic Cancer Counsellor.

Executive Director of the National Health Federation-Canada