Cancer, What is It?

How Does One Reverse Cancer Tumors

Without the Need for Mainstream Invasive Treatments?

By Beatrijs M.C.H. Penn

NHF-Canada Executive Director


“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

            Now that the healthcare and medical system is on the verge of collapsing all over the World as a result of the fraudulent COVID-19 Plandemic – which is nothing less than an organized criminal plot to get rid of the too-costly baby-boomers – the evil lies and sinister goals of Big Pharma have been exposed for all to see.  It is important that we shed our dependence upon mainstream specialists and cultivate our own inner-confidence that we can heal ourselves from diseases naturally, including from cancer, following the self-organizing principles of our bodies, trusting our inner guidance, and taking total control of and personal responsibility over our health. In this article I will show you what you need to know.

            When the statistics of more than thirty years tell us that already oncological treatments of cancer are only successful 2% of the time for cancer patients and that no further scientific evidence done by so called Evidence Based Medicine has given better prospects, we must ask ourselves why would someone take that gamble with their life by trusting “the science” that is not there? It is not much different from the Covidian Belief and the religion about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. There is no settled medical science behind it.

            Please understand that the fearmongering coming from the medical system has one goal, namely, to earn huge amounts of money with deadly cancer treatments. It is time to stop believing the fear of death that the specialists tout!

Cancer is a Survival Mechanism

If one would want to prevent cancer or to reverse a cancer tumor, one must explore, research, and choose to adhere to a theory about how cancer is created and developed in the body.[1] In allopathy there is no real agreement on how cancer is caused. Allopathy, for which cancer is simply a genetic pre-disposition, which cannot be countered anyway, overlooks the fact that damaged or faulty genes do not kill anyone. It is a fact that every person always has cancer cells in the body; they are only detectable when they have multiplied to several billions and have formed a tumor. Cells with damaged or faulty genes are daily disposed of by a healthy process of elimination called autophagy. This function, when it functions well, is a healthy immune system. When the metabolism of cells is healthy, the primary purpose of autophagy is to pick up on any bacteria, sub-cellular organelles, damaged cells, damaged proteins, and other waste products and get rid of them, and this includes cancer cells.

Many researchers around the World are considering the possible reasons for a tumor to form in our body. There exist theories that state that the onset of a physical process that can develop a cancer tumor (and/or any other disease) is the unbalancing effect of an unexpected emotional shock also called trauma (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Hamer, Dr. W. Fryda, Dr. Moritz, Dr. Netherton, and others). Such a trauma causes first disbalance in the energetic bodies and at a certain point can cause brain damage that is visible on certain brain scans and, as a consequence, creates (long-term) post traumatic stress reactions, psychological patterned behavior, and emotional dysfunction (fight/flight/freeze reactions with suppressed fear of death and suppressed vital energy/Life- force). Many times, this long-term chronic process has a negative effect on body functions, this is called psychosomatics. It is known that a long-term stress response can eventually shut down functions and organs of the body. What is experienced as a trauma is different for every person, considering his/her age at that moment of the traumatic life event and many other factors such as learning from life-experiences: what is a trauma for me would not have to be a trauma for the reader and visa versa.

Unexpected, sudden life shocks and traumas cannot be prevented, they occur in life, are facts of life and must be faced and taken care of in ways that the person can recover from them spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Traumas can also be daily continuously abusive and/or neglecting attitudes of people upon whom a child is dependent; when growing up the teenager can find an attitude to counter those continuously abusive behaviors of caregivers, rebel against them, and/or find their way out of the toxic environment. We have no control over what Life throws at us and when Life does that, but we do have control over how we see it, interpret it, deal with it, and want to respond to it. We have the choice not to allow ourselves to become limited by those traumatic life events and to remain trapped in a victim, martyr, or “cut off” attitude. We can choose to move beyond the shock of trauma(s) and become the steward of the vessel of our Life, our physical body, in dear connection with significant others.

When one chooses to get to the bottom of painful traumas, one chooses for feeling emotions and deepening the openness of the heart. One will have to look for a compassionate friend, partner, or therapist and a therapy method that does the deep processing until the core of the trauma (fear of death) is reached and the suppressed emotions have been released (catharsis). After processing and letting go of the suppressed emotions of fear of death, anger and deep pain, the revival of one’s Life force will open up like a fountain.[2] At that point one can resume the course of life in a more free, joyful, and wholesome way, making a shift in awareness and changing direction to fulfill one’s purpose in this life. In other words, then we have learned from those traumatic experiences, have taken personal responsibility to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual consequences, have grown in awareness with a deeper open heart and gained greater wisdom, all based upon the deeper opening of the heart. When such a process happens, which is profoundly meaningful, it is growth in consciousness and/or awakening to a greater awareness. At that point one can make new choices as to how to live one’s life in healthy and meaningful ways. Wake-up to the Real Self/Soul that we are and come out healthier and stronger, to take better care of the body, the vehicle of the Self/Soul/Being.

I am intensely grateful that I have gone through the period of metastasis cancer and healed in a natural way in 2001-2004 (no chemo, no radiation, no surgery). While finding my way with the inspiration of my own intuition, I changed and opened up my awareness of myself and others, on many levels. I learned about the mainstream medical system with which we are saddled and the dark history and the malicious political background of it, as well. This process of healing and discovery has sent me on a journey, and it has reformed and renewed my life in many ways and on many levels. I would not have wanted to miss this deep learning opportunity. Everyone has his or her own way, his or her own Soul journey and his or her own Soul purpose. Difficulties hone our skills for growth in consciousness. And when we are aware that we have a deeper purpose to live for, the body will support our healing journey, because I know it is the vehicle of the Self/Soul and our Soul’s vital energy energizes every cell. Simple evidence: When the Soul has left the body, there is only a corpse, which starts to decompose immediately after the Soul has left, even well before it is buried in the ground!

I adhere to the deep wisdom of Ayurveda that has brought me so many new experiences and a new perspective on illness (including Karma). Ayurveda gave me understanding of what Real Healing is, that is, the connection to my greater and higher Self/Soul, the inner Divine light that I really am. This connection has a healing effect upon all layers of the conditioned “small” self – the emotional, physical, and mental levels. Ayurveda taught me what living a healthy life is. For me, as a depth-psychotherapist and holistic cancer counsellor, Ayurveda offers me the necessary understanding that I need for my own life and my work with clients of how Spirit/Self/Soul, emotions, mind, and body all can function together congruently and in harmony. Ayurveda also can make sense of how the psychological process of a specific person creates a certain specific illness.

What is Cancer?

            Prevention based upon the fear of getting cancer does not help at all, simply because of the negative effect that overt and unconscious underlying fear has on the body and on bodily functions. Prevention became a fashion word in the healthcare industry, and it means that disease or cancer is not good and has to be prevented, mostly because of the high costs of the healthcare system as well as its high failure rate, as health care is currently organised. However, prevention keeps one caught in fighting behavior: in polarity (for or against) and in duality (good or bad), these are based on fear. Long lasting overt and suppressed fear causes depletion of the adrenal glands because of chronic production of stress hormones that in time shut down the body functions.[3] If Health Care Canada would give an opportunity to get to know oneself through depth-psychotherapy and would give space to release suppressed fear of death out of the unconscious, and focus on natural remedies like herbs and organic food, those focusses would, in my opinion, be more valuable for preventing debilitating diseases than any pharmaceutical medication that suppresses emotional stress like anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, sleep medication, and over-the-counter-medication (which all are not biological but chemical/synthetic and toxic and can cause brain damage like dementia and more alarming deviant symptoms, as is proven scientifically). I expect that the avenue of depth-psychotherapy and natural remedies would lower the costs of health care greatly.

Unfortunately, these avenues are suppressed in the current health care system in Canada. Counselling or “talk therapy” that is offered for low cost, and is only reimbursed for a few sessions, has not the same outcome as longer-term depth-psychotherapy. Medical (chemical = toxic) suppression of emotional symptoms through antidepressants, antipsychotics, sleep medication, and over-the-counter-medication will create chronic diseases because chemical pharmaceutical drugs are not natural (= not biological) and therefore are not recognised by the body (unlike food and natural remedies), cannot be digested by the body and can only be stored as toxins in cells, which in turn cause the cells to dysfunction. That will result in damaging the brain, other organs, and the body’s functions, scientific research shows.

When we want to understand the development of a physical symptom like a cancer tumor, we need to know what cancer really is and how it grows in the body. We also need to know that cancer is really only a symptom of a disease, not the disease itself! If we do not know that process, we are not able to know how to prevent or how to reverse the process of cancer (and of any other disease). What can we do to become healthy when having cancer, and how do we stay healthy?  What are the root causes of cancer?

Fearmongering Versus Real Knowledge of Healing the Body

After the diagnosis of metastasis cancer in June 2001, the treatments that were suggested to me by the doctors with great urgency (chemo, radiation, and surgery) only telling me “If you do not do these standard procedures you will die within 6 months,” were nothing more than fearmongering strategies to force a patient to comply! I refused them because no doctor answered my question: “What caused these cancer tumours?” The doctors simply could not give me any sound answer, based on profound knowledge of how disease develops in the body nor of the natural healing process. They did not give me facts, nor research on reversing and healing. It is impossible for me to accept the authority of any doctor when he/she cannot explain me the cause of my symptoms and cannot show me the way out of disease back to health without harming my body more. Ask yourself: “How can a doctor help me fix a health problem, when they do not know the cause?” Do they think we, “the patients,” are that stupid, that we believe anything they say?

            After I healed from metastasis cancer in 2005, I had so many questions: “why did I survive,” “how did I regain health?”…etc.…etc.… I wondered “maybe cancer was not a deadly disease after all?” I took courses, studied, and explored, and that inquiry is never ending. It is amazing that there are so many resources that are so profound and whole-heartedly concerned with the well-being of human beings and natural healing. These resources I trust! Ayurveda is one of the trustworthy resources for me, because Ayurveda really restored my health, naturally, as it has been doing for so many others since ancient times.

Andreas Moritz, M.D. and Ayurvedic vaidya, offered me the most fundamental holistic perspective on what cancer is in his books entitled Cancer is Not a Disease, it’s a Survival Mechanism (2005) and Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation – Breakthrough Medicine for the 21st Century (1997-2009). The last-mentioned book is, in my opinion, a masterpiece; hence, I will quote out of this book important statements. Moritz states that cancer and other debilitating illnesses are not actual diseases, but desperate and final attempts by the body to stay alive for as long as circumstances permit and that cancer will only occur after all other defenses or healing mechanisms in the body have failed. Cancer is on our side, not against us, he says. (p. 317). Like Hippocrates, Moritz turns every common belief system that is containing victim thinking right side up, stating: “Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of a person that causes cancer” (p. 319).

Awakened to the wisdom of Ayurveda through my own healing journey, I am happy to have recently found a North American author, Ron Garner, advocating accurate knowledge about health, disease, and natural healing coming close to Ayurveda’s wisdom on the physical, emotional, and mental level, but who seems not to have bridged yet to the component of the spiritual level. Garner mentions in his 2015 book entitled The Disease-Free Revolution that “all living things have living chemistry,” which he calls an electrical energy factor (pp. 24-25). He does not give any explanation about how the electrical beings that we are function and how the electricity comes into our bodies and into our cells, of which in contrast, Ayurveda (chakras and nadis) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (chakras and meridians) have clear visions about this, and they also have powerful applications to enhance and even stimulate the cosmic electro-magnetic energy streams through the body.

And mentioning epigenetics by Garner and drawing conclusions from the research results of the renowned scientist Bruce Lipton, Garner comes close to the fact that we are spiritual beings having an experience on Earth and being able to make choices from a higher consciousness. The electrical factor, mentioned by Garner, comes from the energy out of the Universe, Cosmic energy, which is called electro-magnetic cosmic energy, that pours in and through us and through the Earth and everything on Earth. Garner further gives clear information and insight in his book entitled Conscious Health, The Complete Owner’s Natural Health and Healing Manual (2006). He shows that it is lifestyle, not genetics, which primarily determines our health. His view on cancer on the physical level is like Moritz’s, and similar to what was passed on to me verbally by my Ayurvedic Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) in our many conversations during my ayurvedic treatments in 2001-2005.

In 2010, Garner stated that, “Cancer is the result of the body storing toxins in its effort to survive longer. As health problems arise, if drugs are taken to eliminate symptoms, their toxicity adds to the problem. The natural cleansing process of the body is suppressed, and it is forced to degenerate toward more chronic disease. As toxicity increases in the storage areas, vitality decreases, parasites increase, and degeneration and eventually mutation of cells occur. Cells become altered and are no longer able to reproduce themselves in their original healthy form: they reproduce diseased cells. If this toxic process continues, the body dies. Cancer cells, for example are a result of this process. Cells that are healthy have now changed structure and function. They have mutated. Whereas healthy cells utilize oxygen, cancer cells use carbon dioxide. They function similar to plant cells and increase in size by storing the body’s own toxic wastes” (p. 55). If the body did not store the toxins, encased in a tumor for example, the toxins would be free to range throughout the body in the bloodstream, thereby causing the death of vital tissues and organs much sooner.

Again, Cancer is the result of the body storing toxins in its effort to survive longer and not a death sentence as is commonly believed (p. 59). Cancer has a multitude of contributing factors. It is also the result of excess toxicity, which affects and eventually destroys cells, or transforms them into abnormal, wild growing cells. Cancer, above all else, is a cellular oxygen-deficiency disease … as Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist in the 1930s, concluded that the prime cause of cancer is impaired cell respiration (p. 60). Tumors are not body mistakes. They are examples of body wisdom at work, making a desperate stand to protect us from the effects of poisons we have allowed into our bodies (p. 64).

When I hear people talking about the tumor must be destroyed or must shrink, as many doctors tell their cancer patients because in their research results oncologists only define success of the treatment when the tumor has shrunken, then I hear fear talking that shows itself as aggressively attempting to destroy the cancer tumor(s). The patient’s shock, hearing the diagnosis cancer and the explicitly mentioned expiry date by the doctor is like a death sentence, attached to the diagnosis by the oncologist. This is a life shock or trauma. This causes the person to become stuck in the fight/flight/freeze mode of the nervous system, just like after any other traumatic event. And I can see how mainstream doctors/oncologists really frighten and even terrorize their patients with their medical model and their invasive “treatments.” Even several better-informed and -educated people, who should know better (!), talk about enzymes being able “to eat” the tumor and to break down the tumor’s protective outside layer, then again, I hear fear talking. I do not hear any trust in the wisdom of the body and its innate natural processes: which is that the tumor will disappear by itself when the toxins are eliminated out of the body. Then the tumor has lost its function and cells, that have a consciousness of their own, will decide to die (apoptosis) or will decide to change back into healthy cells.

So many people, also professionals are misinformed about what cancer is and what causes cancer tumors. If you would ask an oncologist whether he would treat himself or his loved ones with chemo, the answer will be negative, because he knows how extremely toxic chemo is. He has large financial back-up for expensive natural healing procedures. Did you know that one drop of chemo on a vinyl floor of a hospital can burn a hole in that vinyl? What would happen when that same drop of chemo would burn a hole in a vein, or an artery or other soft tissue of your body? Why would mainstream medicine want to make the body more toxic?

Moritz and Garner agree on many levels that illness is not natural. When we are healthy our bodies are designed to live 120-50 years, which also my Ayurvedic Vaidya in Holland told me during our conversations! A real cure of cancer does not occur under the standard medical model at the expense of destroying the tumor and other vital organs of the body like lymph nodes. This leads to irreparable damage of entire organs and systems in the body. I agree with Moritz and Garner, the current invasive medical treatments seem to add to and intensify long-term problems and deprive patients from the vitality necessary to heal! The Real Healing is coming from growing in awareness of what one is doing to harm the body and changing his/her behavior to taking better care of the body and learning more in order to improve this care of the body.

What Causes Cancer?

Deep-rooted, constant inner conflicts, guilt and shame, and traumas with abandonment and/or with fear of death can easily paralyze the body’s most basic functions. I have seen that a poor self-image, unresolved conflicts with loved ones, constant worries, or past emotional trauma deeply buried in the unconsciousness, were present in myself and were present in every cancer patient, whom I coached, whether they were aware of it or not. Cancer patients will always show a strong undercurrent of uneasiness and deep-seated frustration with their current life and cover up their unfinished business with strong victim or even martyr mechanisms, focussing on that the body fails them, mostly submissively, and sometimes with overt defiant stances toward their specialists demanding respectful cooperation from their specialists and staff, following the destructive treatments of mainstream medical doctors/oncologists. Also, workaholic patterns that abuse the body, hidden or overt denial of serious problems in their intimate relationships, and accusations against others for their lack in well-being or their problems.

“The real cure is only achievable when the root causes of excessive growth of cancer cells have been removed and stopped,” states Moritz (1997-2009, p. 319). I myself feel the challenge again to take better care of my body because of getting older and coping with the seemingly endless stress of immigration and moving my life to Canada. I know and trust that my body will recover, because it wants to survive first and then heal. Again, thorough detoxification is necessary. Long-term stress causes toxins.

“Whatever happens in our emotional body also occurs in our physical body. The real cancer is a trapped and isolated emotion, a feeling of ‘having no choice.’ Through the mind-body connection, any repressed feelings of wanting and deserving harmony, peace, stability, and a simple sense of joy in life are translated into appropriate biochemical responses in the body. This effectively deprives the body of all these positive qualities as well. Cells are not physical machines, that have no feelings, no sense of I-ness, or no reaction to external threats. All cells have a feeling of consciousness, of I-ness. …Stress is felt in the cells and the cells will not determine where the stress comes from. It is there … the contraction in the body is felt. Toxic minds are translated in a toxic body,” states Moritz. (Moritz,1997-2009, p. 321).

In 1997, neuroscientist Candace Pert wrote about the evidence she had found for this process in her scientific research about the biochemistry of emotion described in her book Molecules of Emotions, Why We Feel the Way We Feel. Emotional suffocation, seen when one keeps thoughts and emotions to oneself out of fear of being criticized or hurt, turns into poisons in the body. Victim tears, “poor me” tears, contain poison, these poisons are so strong, that if you cried and put your tears on a snakeskin, they would burn holes into it. Tears of real deep sadness as in grief after loss of a loved one contain healing substances. And tears of Joy, do not contain poisons, they have strong healing properties and make the cells of the body feel “loved.” When that “nectar” is experienced, the energy of the body gets greatly boosted! In experiencing real deeply heart-connected sexual love making, we can reach ecstasy. This deep-felt energetic connection with the beloved partner and the merging of the two deeper energy bodies, or Beings, give couples wings! The cells of the body thrive on this deep loving energy that is shared between one another!

In contrast, “constant emotional strain and struggle lead to many symptoms, one of them is stone formation in the bile ducts of the liver and in the gall bladder. Consequently, the digestive fire slows down because of curbed secretion of the bile. When the body cannot properly digest there will be accumulation of large quantities of waste in the small and large intestines. Chronic constipation and the poor absorption of nutrients, fats, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins will become increasingly depleted and the bone tissue, bone marrow and reproductive functions will become weakened.” (Moritz, p. 321) I have experienced the truth of the build-up of these liver stones, congesting my liver. My experience of “unplugging of the liver” was overwhelming. It is known that when the liver is weak, cancer tumors come to its help to detoxify (Dr. Kousmine: “The theory of the 2nd liver”[4]).

Garner (2015) also warns that “Whenever there is stagnant food matter, there is fermentation and rotting. That’s what foul bathroom odour [and bad breath coming from build-up in the stomach] is all about. And where there is rotting, more toxins are formed. When fecal matter sits in the colon for longer than normal, toxins are absorbed back into the body causing autointoxication, which is self-poisoning. An example is that diverticula pockets – saclike hernia’s – in the colon, which may have been there for many years, can lead to colon cancer”… so Garner concludes: “Disease begins in the colon” …. and …“Disease is prevented in the colon.”(page 43). I personally am convinced that his statement is valid for almost every disease, cancer as well.

My Ayurvedic Vaidya explained to me that also the villi in the small intestines became, during my life with the many years of stress since my early childhood, filled up with dirt and the colon had gathered so much dirt that it was totally congested. So, the small intestines and the colon and were not able to absorb the nutrients from food or costly supplements, that I poured into my body. This process can become very dangerous for anybody, and results in intestinal toxemia. (Immerman,1979) I know the truth of this process in my own life, before the diagnosis of metastasis in 2001. Now, I am also informed that the digestion of meat (dead food coming from a cadaver) causes the most dangerous toxin, called: Cadaverine. Long-term build-up in the intestines give chronic constipation and the putrefied dirt sticks to the walls of the colon and causes poor absorption of nutrients. The cleaning of the intestines through enemas with medicinal water as was done in the Ayurvedic treatments that I went through was loosening up and softening the dirt slowly and slowly. Those thorough cleansings, sometimes 3 weeks in a row, every day, saved my life and restored my health! (Read my paper “Cancer is a Wake-up Call”)

How Cancer Cells Grow into Tumors

On a cellular level, when the reproductive tissue, which maintains the genetic blueprint     (DNA) of the cells, is starved of oxygen and nutrients, it is only a matter of time before normal and healthy cells begin to mutate their genes and abnormally divide in order to survive the “famine.” Normally, a host of immune cells, pancreatic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and vitamins break down cancer cells in the body, wherever they appear. However, most of the digestive enzymes are ‘used up’ quickly when the diet is rich in animal protein, such as meat, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, as well as sugar-enriched foods” (Moritz, p. 322). The microbiome in our guts becomes severely toxic. “Cancer cells are cells fighting to survive in a ‘hostile,’ toxic environment. Letting go of the need to fight in life re-programs the DNA of the body, changing its course of warfare and eventual annihilation to one of healthy reproduction. Not needing to fight for their survival gives the cancer cells a chance to be accepted again by their entire ‘family’ of cells in the body. Cancer cells are normal cells that are rejected by what they consider home. They are deprived of proper nourishment and support. In their desperation to survive they grab everything they can find to live on, even cellular waste products and toxins. This practically turns them into ‘outcasts’,” says Moritz (p. 325) It is known that tumours attract and contain a lot of toxins and that by fermentation they provide the body of a little bit of energy. This is the “Theory of the Second Liver” as researched by Dr. Kousmine (see footnote 3).

Symptoms of the body are only warnings and we need to take personal responsibility to understand the messages conveyed to us about the cause of the symptom, explore the options to heal, and take action that helps us reverse the process, instead of making it worse by adding more toxins or consenting to invasive methods that wound the body more. We need to find out how to reverse a debilitating process and help our brain and gut to detoxify and become healthy again.

Like every other disease, cancer is but a toxicity crisis,” states Moritz (2009), “and marks the final attempt of the body to rid itself of septic poisons and acidic compounds that result from not being able to properly remove metabolic waste, toxins and putrefying dead cells in the body. Cancer cannot be its own cause! When people are not able to remove ‘the ghost of memory’ the body creates an identical response and cannot remove the harmful waste of the body.” (p.325) That is why when people start detoxifying the body thoroughly through kidney, liver, and colon cleanses, the body “opens up” to release the unprocessed painful memories that captured energy (read my paper “Cancer is a Wake-up Call”).

What is the Healing Power of the Body?

            Many times, natural healthcare professionals state that the body has an amazing power to heal. Coming from my experience with metastasis cancer as was diagnosed in 2001, and finally achieve total healing in 2004, I know this statement to be true. But how does this innate healing power of the body operate?

Throughout the healing process supported by Ayurveda I have personally and also as a professional psychotherapist learned so much about how body, emotions, mind, Soul and Spirit are ONE. I learned that in order to regain vitality one must work for it even at the price of some discomfort[5] during the process. I learned that our cells are ever-morphing, vibrating, shimmering, harmonic, electromagnetic, living colloids (Jubb, 2006, page x) which have a life colloid cycle (Jubb, 2006, page 10) and can change by themselves into bacteria, viruses, and into cancer cells and can reverse back to healthy cells or decide to die (apoptosis) when appropriate changes are made in the “terrain” of the body and the consciousness of the person.

I learned that suppressed emotions cause toxins in the body, as do wrong habits, unhealthy lifestyle and false belief systems, as well. I understood that the cells and organs gather those toxins, and that the toxins damage genes. Organs and cells stock those toxins until the detoxification process eliminates them out of the cells and out of the body. Then the cells, which have a consciousness of their own, can decide to die (apoptosis) or decide to reverse into healthy cells and create new healthy cells. Dr. David Jubb (2006) and Candace Pert (1997) and other scientists proved this process on a cellular level. Dr. Bruce Lipton (2005) showed in The Biology of Belief his research results that our consciousness can turn-on or turn-off genes (i.e., express them or not express them) and can change our DNA. This means that our genes do not govern our expression of who and what we are, and what diseases we can inherit of our ancestors. This means that even if my mother died after suffering from a certain disease, I do not have to suffer or die from that same disease which mainstream medical science believes in their theories about the genetics of diseases. I consciously can change my course of life. Epigenetics is an exciting field of science that studies how human consciousness can affect gene expression.

Prof. Seyfried’s theory (2015) describes that Cancer is a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease, according to the original theory of Otto Warburg, that alters the “entire complexion of the cell” whereas genetic mutations, he says, are just one damaging by-product among many that exacerbate this system destabilization process, which lies at the root of most (but not all) cancers. I believe that the healing process that I have successfully completed has been in alignment with the therapeutic process that is also described in Bollinger’s book The Truth about Cancer, when he introduces the Enzyme and Metabolic/Mitochondrial Therapy (pp. 257-278). In an excerpt from chapter 13 of the above-mentioned book by Bollinger in the magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You (November 2016), it is stated that:

“mitochondrial dysfunction, in other words – not genetic predisposition – is why otherwise healthy cells suddenly switch to an anaerobic state (without oxygen) and become malignant. This is the very foundation of the metabolic theory of cancer, which posits that genetic mutations are secondary symptoms of cancer…Science affirms this…. Like any other bodily system, cell metabolism can be brought into disarray due to a number of factors, not the least of which are nutrient deficiencies, toxic overload and chronic stress. Insufficient enzyme intakes are also implicated in autophagic breakdown, hence the growing use of enzyme therapy as a way to bring it back up to speed.” (p. 52)

Cancer is a Sign of “Not Loving Oneself” and Abusing One’s Body Over a Long Period of Time.

Japanese research has shown, says Moritz (2009), that cancer patients whose cancerous tumours went into spontaneous remission, often within less than 24 hours, experienced a profound transformation in their attitude towards themselves before the sudden cure occurred (p.322). This confirms what happened to me after I had done the regression sessions to face traumas with fear of death. So much suppressed vital and joyful energy became available to me. I knew deep inside that I was out of danger when I started to enjoy myself and stepped into the adventure of my Life again (read my paper Cancer is a Wake-up Call). Once you know what you truly are (that inner Joy and Love coming from the deeper Self/Soul), you cannot help but love yourself and your Soul Journey.

I resonate deeply with Moritz’s explanation of what cancer really is, because of the fact that I experienced how true it is. In my profession as a psychotherapist and holistic cancer counsellor I can easily work with this explanation because it makes sense to me and to my clients. It is explainable to clients in clear not medical mystifying or anxiety provoking diagnostic labels, with which cancer patients easily identify themselves. Also, in my explanation as above there is no fear involved, on the contrary, it is the message that cancer is not a deadly disease.

Cancer Is Not the Deadly Disease as It Is Believed to Be

This statement that cancer is not a deadly disease is in alignment with the theory of Dr. Thomas Seyfried, who based his theory on the findings of Dr. Otto Warburg, presented in his article Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease (2015). It is also in accordance with what Lothar Hirneise describes in his 2005 book Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World is Flat, in the part Cancer What is it? when he discusses The Adrenaline Theory (pp. 81-83) of Dr. W. Fryda and the findings of Dr. Kousmine, called “The theory of the 2nd liver” (pp. 84-88). As Dr. Gerson also believed, Hirneise states that in all cancer patients the liver is failing to detoxify, and a cancer tumor helps the failing system with gathering toxins and by fermentation the tumour offers the body a little bit of energy! The cancer tumor tries to do its utmost to help the body survive.

That is why, after chemotherapy, a tumor can grow and collect more toxins with the purpose to save the life of a person. A tumor is not one’s enemy! Tumor growth is only a sign of high toxicity and a need for thorough detoxification.  It is necessary to understand what the symptom of a tumor is, and not be afraid of it. One can reverse cancer, taking full personal responsibility to clean out what caused the tumor to grow.

Our Constant Need for Cleansing

Garner (2015) explains it as follows: “The main avenue for the removal of wastes is by bowel movements through the colon. When the colon becomes burdened with too many wastes, it becomes clogged, which then starts to back-up and congest the liver. Then your body is forced to use other avenues such as the lungs and your kidneys to eliminate toxins. When it still has good energy, the body uses mucus membranes and the skin as avenues of elimination as well. Colds, sinus problems, ear infections, measles, chicken pox and eczema are examples of mucus and skin eliminations. As the body’s vitality gets lower, it can no longer afford the expenditure of energy required for this alternate elimination anymore, so it is forced to store toxins in the tissues. As this process continues, toxins in the deeper tissues can eventually cause diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, senility, and cancer.” (p.42)

Moritz (1997-2009) explains the same process in more detail: “The body is continually involved in a process of self-renewal. The body has around 60-100 trillion cells. Cells are living organisms and everything that is living needs a food source and produces waste. Each day of our life, the body is challenged to build 30,000,000,000 new cells (anabolism), but in order to maintain homeostasis, it also must destroy the same number of old cells. The breaking down of dead, worn-out cells leaves behind a massive amount of cellular debris, which is instantly taken up and removed by the lymphatic system. Waste includes things such as: lactic acid, uric acid, urea, nitrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon acid, bacterial waste and much more. Waste is mostly acidic, and acids burn, corrode and break things down over time. Therefore, it is critical that the body eliminates this waste. The waste can only be removed if there is enough water available to transport it through and out of the body. However, if the body has been weakened through constant over-stimulation, overeating or sleep-deprivation (all of these have dehydrating effects), the cleansing process becomes inefficient, and toxic compounds begin to accumulate in the lymph vessels. Some of these toxins seep into the bloodstream, which could cause blood poisoning. To prevent such an event and to keep the blood as pure as possible, the body tries to dump many of the toxins in the connective tissues (the fluid surrounding the cells). Since the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing most cellular metabolic waste products, dead cell material and acidic blood proteins from the connective tissue is already congested, the cell environment cannot be cleaned properly and becomes increasingly toxic. The cell environment’s pH moves toward higher acidity. When the connective tissue cannot accommodate any more toxins, they begin to invade the blood vessels and the cells of organs. The first cell groups to become affected with toxins are also the first to be deprived of regular supplies of water, oxygen and nutrients, and hence, the first to signal a toxicity crisis. A toxicity crisis reflects the accumulation of too many acidic compounds (acidosis) including lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia, urea, blood proteins, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, bacterial waste and of course toxins of various kinds.” (p.25) So, the body creates toxins as an effect of its metabolism, that is in disarray.

            Almost all mainstream medical approaches are not so much focused on how to eliminate accumulated waste, that is stagnant, fermenting and rotting, but rather, on how to “treat,” “manage,” or “suppress” symptoms. As long as one is not removing the accumulated acidic waste, it is rare that symptoms after “mainstream medical treatment” never come back; most of the time that is not the case, and symptoms tend to recur and get worse and worse over time as the body degenerates more, even metastasis can occur as an iatrogenic consequence of a “medical treatment.”[6]

The approach of constant detoxification together with the intake of mega doses of enzymes is all about removing the waste out of the body and out of the cells, so that the body can finally heal and restore itself back to health. The body has an incredible ability to regenerate itself, but this cannot really happen as long as the waste continues to “burn” and “break down tissue.” Detoxification is a way to reverse health problems, even of serious illnesses, when it is done with diligence and care.

 Detoxification and the Healing Crisis

            There are many methods of detoxification that vary from water-fasting, drinking fresh pressed juices, eating alkaline fruits and veggies only, doing liver cleanses, drinking herbal tea to flush the kidneys, using herbal cocktails to open and cleanse the small intestines in order to have bowel movements at least 2-4 times a day, doing regular colon cleanses, taking coffee-enemas to stimulate the liver to produce the strongest detoxifier Glutathione, and the gallbladder to detoxify better, taking regular baths with sodium bicarbonate and/or Epsom salts and more.  Bruce Fife, N.D. (2011) gives meaningful guidelines in his book entitled The Detox Book. People who take personal responsibility for their health and well-being act and detox thoroughly! These methods have been used for centuries! Many times, combinations of these methods are done. Taking mega doses of enzymes is another powerful cleansing and building-up method in combination with any of the earlier mentioned cleanse methods. When one is severely ill and the symptoms show that the body is in great distress, the cleansing is even more necessary and more intensively needed, in fact it is a priority. But note when one is poisoned by heavy metals one should seek the assistance of a doctor, who is experienced in that specific kind of detoxification.

            Before getting better, one might experience unpleasant symptoms. The symptoms can differ from person to person. It is called a healing crisis when the removal of toxins is really dramatic, with the release of all kinds of toxic debris in the stool, sweat, out of the skin, nose, mouth even the eyes and ears and having (high) fever. This toxic debris that comes out of the body through the anus or other elimination canals, can have an awful stench, because it has been sitting inside the body for a long time, rotting in the intestines and/or deeper tissues, and it is highly acidic.

            “It is called a healing crisis: ‘healing’ because it expels toxins and brings about improvement of health, ‘crisis’ because the symptoms associated with toxic removal can be dramatic,” states Bruce Fife, N.D. (2010). “The symptoms of a healing crisis are the same as those of a disease crisis (illness) and are greatly misunderstood and even believed to be an illness, that must be treated to restore health. The healing crisis is a positive event (my emphasis), a sign of improving health and overcoming disease. The healing crisis is one of the most misunderstood aspects of natural healing,” says Fife (pp. 8-9). This can be an emergency detoxification and the activated viruses, bacteria, and other harmful germs come out of their hiding places in the body, and cause a renewed flare-up of infection, a left over of an infection earlier in life stored away in cells.

Everyone of us will certainly remember an occasion that he/she had a high fever because of an infection with lots of stinky sweating, throwing up, diarrhea, and, then, the next day or so, you felt so much better…. Voila: A healing crisis. Infection is one of the body’s most effective means to getting over a toxicity crisis. The high fever was necessary to kill a lot of bacteria, viruses and other ‘waste products’, and remove them out of the body. A fever can even reduce tumours in size, because it is a powerful “cleaner”! After this infection and fever, the body has produced antibodies, which can be detected in medical tests.

“It is already known for centuries since the early 1700s, when physicians noted that cancer went into remission – and sometimes was completely cured – when patients developed an infection” states Bryan Hubbard in his article entitled “The End of Chemotherapy” in the magazine What Doctors  Don’t Tell You, of October 2019 (p. 18).[7] In Germany, the method of hyperthermia was developed to invoke high fever and kill lots of bacteria and viruses that were harbored in the cells and organs of the bodies of cancer patients. Our bodies have such deep wisdom to know what to do and when! We better trust our body’s Wisdom and follow it.

Conscious Health is the Best Possible Prevention

Prevention, as said, is a fashion word in the healthcare “industry.” It is born out of fear of the degenerative diseases that so many people are suffering from these days. Those very sick people are not conscious of the fact that they create their diseases by being ignorant and unconscious of damaging their bodies. Prevention policies are aiming to lift the burden of the expenses that healthcare programs pay, funded by the taxes of citizens. It is a word, and a word is a symbol, so we can attribute our own conscious meaning to this same word and choose between fear and joy. We can choose to become conscious about taking care of a healthy microbiome: clean the gut of accumulated waste and build the many necessary friendly bacteria in the gut that we need for proper digestion of organic food. Bowel toxemia can cause almost every “disease.” (Immerman, 1979) Also, we need to build up the brain with herbs and natural remedies, because a leaky gut can lead to a leaky brain, says Rogers (2019), and cause so may debilitating symptoms.

For me, prevention means the joyful adventure of being healthy and staying healthy, till very old age. I am only halfway through my life now! (120? 150?). What a great perspective! That conscious path is the enjoyable key word in this process.Conscious health means choosing health, with understanding, awareness, intention and vision. Conscious health is the active and deliberate creation of a vital body, mind, and spirit, with full knowledge, understanding, and belief.” (Garner, 2006, p. 1) The words have to empower a person to do just that, to do what makes them open up for Life and Health, and enjoy their Lives.

In short, my message is congruent with Moritz, Garner, Singh, and many others: Cancer is a completely natural and harmless phenomenon. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamans and Native Natural Healers, with knowledge of herbs, knew that for centuries.[8] Cancer is often bound up with a great deal of fear. And I agree with them that this fear of cancer is based mostly upon ignorance and believing indoctrinated misinformation. Whatever comes your way in life, be aware of the embodied experience as it is, acknowledge it and give awareness to what happens, give voice to it, accept the experience and what has been acknowledged in it, and after that process do something about it. This means experiencing the experience without attachment to judgement, story, defending it, or understanding it. Even difficulties hone one’s skills to become creative, more self supportive, and more fulfilled in one’s Life Purpose.

I am not my body. My body is the vehicle of my eternal Soul. I trust that my body will do anything to support the journey of my Self/Soul/Being on Earth. I know and trust that the human body always strives to be healthy. The body supports the Self/Soul/Being always. The body will do its utmost to make sure that the Self/Soul/Being can express its purpose of spreading the Love that It is. However, we have to cooperate with the body, and give it the chance to perform its healing work and take good care of it.

Thomas Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931), who once said:

“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

This kind of “doctors,” as Edison describes, we need in this age of confusion and misinformation.


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Beatrijis M. C. H. Penn, MA, CCC, Holistic Cancer Counselor

Certified Psychotherapist by the tch Dutch Government since 1981, until January 2022.

Certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association; from 2011 until January 2022 .

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This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the NHF or its board or members.

[1] I refer to cancer meaning specifically an “old-fashioned” tumor, cancer tumors not developed after the COVID-19 shots. Not any doctor knows what the mRNA technologies can cause in one’s body, simply because the manufacturers have not educated any doctor or nurse on the consequences of the so called “COVID-19 vaccines.”    

[2] For processing fear, one needs to look at how animals do that naturally: when they are at risk of being attacked by a predator, they pee, poop, and vomit to make their body lighter in order to run faster. When an African antelope has escaped a lion and found a safe place to hide and recover, it will start shaking, trembling as long as is needed to relax the nervous system and bring it into calmness and rest. Then it will relax further into a deep sleep and when it wakes up it starts looking for the herd and grazing again. This is natural healing from stress and is aiming for survival.   

[3] When animals are afraid, they empty their bowels and bladder first, even vomit, after that they can run faster and further. We also all have heard that people in wars or during calamities can become so afraid that they soil their pants. It is known that people who run marathons, are under severe physical stress to perform and their kidneys shut down: while running they cannot empty their bladder. This is because of the large amount of stress hormones that are produced, and this process shuts down the kidneys. Conclusion: under stress, functions of the body to eliminate shut down and that results in build up of toxins in the body.  

[4] Dr. Kousmine: The theory of the 2nd liver can be found in Chapter 24 of the book by Lothar Hirneise entitled Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World is Flat (2005), pp. 84-88, at Chapter 24: The theory of the 2nd liver – Colon Cancer (

[5] At times there can be huge discomfort during the healing process. It is called “The Healing Crisis” and is known and explained in many books of naturopathic doctors like in the book with this exact title of Bruce Fife, N.D. (2010). It is important for patients to become informed about this necessary phenomenon.

[6] “Iatrogenic” means caused by a medical doctor, who has prescribed the standard chemical (toxic) medication, surgery, or radiation.

[7] Caveat: This article in WDDTY is an interesting article about how infections with high fever can be induced with natural or artificial/GMO viruses and/or vaccines injected in the cancer tumour, called ‘virotherapy.’ The examples are impressive when one only looks at the disappearance of the tumour. I understand that there is no long-term scientific evidence of what GMO viruses injected in the body will be causing in the future. Could they change our genes and DNA? Do they leave debris that can cause other disfunctions and new cancer tumours after several years, that will not be connected to this engineered virotherapy?  Artificially engineered and genetically modified viruses are not recognized as our own cells by the body, which triggers countless, unanticipated processes in the body. So, what will the aftermath of this new experimental viral method be?

[8] Be careful about accepting help from “healers, like Energy or Reiki healers,” who do not inform you about the fact that Reiki and/or Energy given to a cancer tumour, can aggravate and inflame cancer tumours and make them grow, which can cause pain, depending on their location in the body. In the past we saw that happen in Holland during long-term course of an energy healing modality. Most ‘healers’ do not know what causes cancer.