Beatrijs M.C.H. Penn is Executive Director of the National Health Federation-Canada. She has a long-standing loyalty to and connection with the NHF since working together with Scott Tips in the Netherlands regarding the Dutch governmental plans of mandated vaccinations at the time of the Swine Flu hoax.

          In the Netherlands Beatrijs has functioned over thirty years as a governmental-registered psychotherapist and health care psychologist, a Jungian depth-psychotherapist, and past and present life-regression therapist; working in mental health care institutions and my own clinic as well.

         Since she healed herself in 2004 from metastasis cancer in a completely natural way (with no chemo, no radiation, and no surgery), her passion has transformed itself into coaching people to heal themselves naturally from cancer and stimulate them to take personal responsibility for their body and health, and in doing so, to convert the cancer process into vibrant health. For many people this means a huge change in their “thinking about cancer,” leaving behind their indoctrinated ideas and fears about cancer and understanding the real historical background of the false information about cancer. Becoming informed about the physical processes of how cancer is a survival mechanism and not a deadly disease is opening many minds. Beatrijs has written several papers about this subject for her clients and will soon enough edit some of her work and make it available for the NHF community.

         In this time of clinical mainstream, where so-called cancer “treatments” are being postponed because of the coronavirus hysteria, it could be a good time to start taking better care of oneself instead of expecting a “doctor” or “specialist” to come to one’s rescue.  It has been shown that when doctors are on strike, fewer deaths are being reported! Isn’t that a life-changing viewpoint in these challenging times?